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4/21/2018 c16 4R. Ficst
I love what you have unfolding here. If you ever come back to continue/update, I will enjoy it immensely!
2/26/2017 c1 5PU77
Damn... you are an amazing writer...
5/7/2015 c1 2FallingDark
What's so wrong about people being saved? They die either way. I'm intrigued.
4/18/2015 c16 firelass19
Binge reading is so much fun. Read all 16 chapters in 2 days and have officially come to the conclusion that this is freaking awesome.
Omega Good Job! I hope you update soon :)
1/28/2015 c16 13Revamp
Well being a nephallim certainly explains Evelyn's powers with death and such. I have to admit that I sort of saw it coming with the reveals in the last chapter and Draconis' line was a dead giveaway that Evenlyn had to be something supernatural.
What will happen now that Draconis ripped Gabriel away from Ai? What does Draconis even want with Gabriel anyway?
I wonder who decided to show up in the midst of Evelyn and Ryo's little scuffle. This should be interesting in your next update.
1/13/2015 c16 5Y. S. Wong
Ryo's been reading Electricity. Aw yeah bro, someone gots good taste. I bet he's a Kazkura shipper too.

Oh, Jax is a monster. That explains a lot.

I'm surprised the police department doesn't just outsource their work to T Corporation. Would be a lot easier than having to pay Lollipop-san, considering these types of cases probably aren't that common.

No need to be shy, Evelyn. We all know you'd rather call him Zephy-puu than the Reaper.

Update pls.
7/15/2014 c16 7J.J. LaRoux
I really love this story, the plot is very interesting as are all of the characters. I'm sad that Makoto-san died though (really wanted him to survive T.T) I hope you continue with it!

Also, I have to ask, are you a Supernatural fan?
6/20/2014 c16 2Chiisutofupuru
Well, now I'm all educated, and even more interested on where this story is going... can Evelyn conjure stuff out of thin air too? Are there going to be more supernaturals involved now?

6/20/2014 c15 Chiisutofupuru
Finally realized something VERY interesting about your story, and it is clever!

What I noticed was the fact that you write in both first and third person, but it doesn't really confuse anyone because it is only the 'heroin' that you write in first person. Good job with that. I tend to notice these things quickly but it took me right to the last chapter (or chapter 16) to notice this time.
Too busy enjoying the story I guess :P

Now onto reading about the 'Nephilim'.

6/20/2014 c13 Chiisutofupuru
All because she won't have a choice? What a guy-errr-reaper.

...I wonder how the battle between immortals will go...

6/20/2014 c12 Chiisutofupuru
(((Should have put that for-shadow-thing with the gun at the beginning of THIS chapter, though I guess it doesn't really matter)))

6/19/2014 c10 Chiisutofupuru
Ummm... wow.
Sooo now I'm wondering how exactly Draconis got out of whatever bind he was in and why he acts the way he does. He is so powerful, scary, funny and ridiculous all at the same time! I like how our heroin is avoiding all of this though and how she's taking to it :P

6/19/2014 c9 Chiisutofupuru
Draconis is interesting. I like how you incorporated the cat talk in there.
A cross-dressing little bro with no shame in doing so? That caught me by surprise, it was good.

6/19/2014 c7 Chiisutofupuru
One thing after another. So what was 'this' guy's death prophecy?


(I use my "(tilde)" to continue my long pen name for me, lol)
6/19/2014 c6 Chiisutofupuru
Ah, now she notices :3

You know, Zephyrus seems maybe a little too clueless on how things work. It's not like he's never been to the places she's taken him. I bet he's seen the inside of a store before.
... he does know how people are 'going' to die too apparently, so he should have known about 'theft' I think... but it is kinda funny though.

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