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7/18/2017 c32 1lover17
Great story.
6/28/2015 c32 Shehrazad
I LOVE this story! I took a mythology class and I had a lot of fun recognizing and analyzing the different types of myths that you incorporated. I loved the transition of Katrelle's characterization to Wenkarra's characterization. I loved the relationship between Yuchanit and Wenkarra. I loved the way the climax of the story was built, and that it wasn't drawn out into some long, boring, cliche battle; that type of climax gets old after a while. I loved the relationship between Besvayu and Yunachit, and between the former and Wenkarra. Did I mention that I'm a sucker for your amazing characterization and character arcs? Fantastic story. Keep up the amazing work!
5/9/2015 c1 Intrigued Reader
Other than intrigued, I find this story to be quite a nice find. I enjoy this story and desire more!
4/29/2015 c23 5Cecily Mitchell
Is Besvayu going to get her own story?
4/29/2015 c27 Cecily Mitchell
Would you consider adding a pronunciation guide for this story?
4/29/2015 c32 Cecily Mitchell
So perf. I liked this story alot. Thanks for writing, you have quite a gift. :D
4/27/2015 c6 Cecily Mitchell
After reading the beginning of the next chapter only one thought is going through my mind: she went back to the Essence didn't she? And managed to split out again and just popped into a new mortal life with Yuchanit none the wiser. Holy patooty. Well, if my theory is correct. But the story is awesome :) yay :)
3/28/2015 c30 hanna
I was so engrossed in this chapter, that I was like.. where in fesralde hás it gone! Then I noticed it was actualy overrr.. ajhdbizks
Wenkarra will do brilliantly! I cheering them on!
Lol.. Being trolled liked that... I cracked at the FML face Yuchanic must havê had xD
Feeling sadistic,
3/27/2015 c30 Eventual Horizon
an interesting turn of events. I am enjoying your story very much. Thanks for sharing!
3/19/2015 c29 Hanna
Oh Besvayu, timing..
What a great chapter! I was like, darn it stomach, stop knotting!
And then a huge plot twist.. My mcmdinskhc.. I never would have guessed it! Actually, that part about Wenkarra being lost for 5 years completly went over my head.. I guess I should pay more attention from now on. Please don't wait too long to finish the big reveal!

The most important part of a soul, what is that?

Sorry about taking so long to read! For some reason, fp alerts were being sent to my span box - I only noticed recently. Aparently, it decided that me deleting and fp mail so constantly was a sign of span, but I fixed it now!

I'm still reeling, so sorry for the few words..
Anxiously waiting for what happens next,
3/16/2015 c29 Blondiej1
Wow that was an unexpected turn of events. The goddess part. Not being born directly from the essence. I had a feeling that was the case. I cannot wait to see how everything plays out. So hurry and quench out never ending thirst for this story.

Until next time,
3/13/2015 c29 Sapphireleaf
I knew it! It was the Essence. Some foreshadowing was well done on this if I am celebrating like this. And the golden light at the end... Here comes Besvayu. This is going to be chaotic... And interesting.
2/17/2015 c28 Sapphireleaf
The story does seem to be going well at this point, though I do not seem to be able to see where or how it will end. I think that the mystery of the purple haze needs to be solved,
Though I think that it was the Essence putting order into the world. Removing Erathore's links would remove Hanithon's causing both to be gone, perhaps. Anyway, this story led me to all your others, which I have all binge read in the last two days. I would like to comment on the subtle hints of Erathore's betrayal. They were very well implemented, not arousing suspicion. It was good to see Wenkarra put those clues together. I wonder who the next Emissary of Besvayu will be? The world building seems to be very well crafted, and the events are realistically implemented. Thank you for writing this wonderful story, and I hope you finish it soon so I can binge read it again.
2/18/2015 c19 1hannaxD
And my overly exagerated review filled with discreet, underlined thoughts of love got cut into half..
As I was saying, optimism saves the world!
Yeah.. It did..
If you're interested, my mind is tottaly broken right now.
Still wondering how you manage to write such an amazing story,
Ps: the other chapter didn't appear in my email D: I only received the 28th... I started to read it, then noticed something was wrong xD
2/18/2015 c28 hannaxD
I didn't really understand what happened last chapter, but now that I do...
You can't just llik characters like that! I'm not going to forgive you that easily for the shock .. Control your suoredrum intent woman! ò-ó
My heart was hammering so fast I thought it was going to explode!
Alright.. Now I'm not spazzing that much..
My... That's a mess and a half that is going to need taking care of.. I hope in the valley of goodness, between the mountains of compassion, right under the sun of love and the clouds of friendship the color of everything thats pure that everything end well.. Did I forget to mention the fluffy bunnies, the sparkling unicorn, the burping babies
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