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for Regnum of Elementum

11/30/2012 c4 Guest
Looks like Alix is having his share of proplems. All that's left is Zen. And who knows what he'll unleash! Puberty is a peice of work. And in their case it's leaving it's mark! Not to joke around but I'd hate to see Glacie during that time of the month! Lord help them all!

Great chapter! Keep it up!
10/30/2012 c3 Guest
Great story so far. But I wonder why Glacie's powers ar doing wjat they're doing? Maybe it pubrty. Either way, it's a good thing that she has Zentus and Alix there to help her. And f her powers are actting like this, then theirs may do the same. Wonder what's going on.

Great story so far! Keep it up!

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