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for Tumblr Posts That I Can't Bring Myself to Post

10/23/2012 c1 1fanfreak121
Nobody has a perfect life, I'll be the first to tell you. And I understand to some extent how you feel, I have often felt as though people don't understand me or don't care about me. I have felt that I'm not worth anything in the world. I have had depressing thoughts almost controlling me but let me tell you, if you let what you feel control you, conflict you like this, it'll destroy you. You can't hide what you feel or think through listening to music. You need to tell people how you truly feel about yourself and others, about what you truly think. I know that your life is none of my business and I know that I don't even know you but I think that we all feel that way in some point in our life. You need to tell people how you feel and not keep it bottled up inside. Again I'm sorry if this makes me upset its just how I feel.

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