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9/27/2013 c8 4Michelle1236
Oh snap! This is actually going to happen! I seriously can't wait to see how their two day solitary confinement is going to go. Hopefully they'll get over this little lover's spat and then have hot make out sesh after... It's a good thing you didn't kill Drew. I would have thrown a fit! Yes he's being kind of weenie to Arianna. There's no need to kill the guy over it though! He's too beautiful (Well at least in my head he is... Damn!) Thank you for another amazing chapter! Please update soon and maybe your other stories too? I miss Justin and Jacob!

9/27/2013 c8 Guest
That's some major drama!lol I love it. Makes me wonder if they may end up killing each other though...well in any case I look forward to the next chapter
9/27/2013 c8 1ally2214
Update sooonnnn
9/27/2013 c8 Quickhidetherum
Omg, I am so friggen excited. I just stumbled upon this story and I love it! Drew is my favourite! Please update soon!
9/26/2013 c8 Beachblondenerd
Is it her dream or real life? Plz answer in next update and may that be soon
9/26/2013 c8 Beachblondenerd
I love it! Your awesome! Are you going to become a author because if your not you should!
9/26/2013 c8 1leavesfallingup
Arianna deserves the cold shoulder, but at least she is at least partially aware of it. It would be better if she focused on how much her constant put-downs and insults hurt him rather than on her own feelings though. Then again, he carefully cultivated the image of a bad boy, even reinforcing the image with her as often as possible. Is it any wonder that she believes the image he has worked so hard to create?

If she would just abjectly apologize for her treatment, something might happen. But then that would be too mature and reasonable...
9/26/2013 c8 Hayit'Serenity
Thanks! And I am team Drew Will is just eh . Keep Drew ! I like them together . Update soon please! Hayit'sSerenity
9/26/2013 c8 1A. DAICAB
Soooooo expectantly waiting to read of those two days hahaha!
9/26/2013 c8 RuthEvelyn
I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! 3 3 3 Can't wait till the next update!
9/26/2013 c8 mylittleprincess
next chapter please.
9/23/2013 c7 mylittleprincess
i love Drew, he's a nice guy, she should choose him than will. update please:)
9/22/2013 c7 3Amy's Rose
OMG! I love it! Please update faster!
9/13/2013 c7 pastelcolors
You found time to post. Ohmygosh. :D

Completely against the way Ariana acted towards Drew.
This is wrong. This is all wrong. D:
Stop this madness.
9/12/2013 c7 4Michelle1236
OMG! That did not just happen! I was so not expecting her to react like that with Drew when Will punched him. Will needs to go home (Which I'm sure he did when he left the movie theater but he needs to stay at home for the rest of the story)! He messes with my ships and this chapter is an great example of that! I feel so bad for Drew! But then at the end of the chapter I also started to feel bad Arianna! I'm glad we got a small peek into her past. I hope they make up soon though! Anyways, I'm glad you're back! I can honestly say I've missed you (Which I hope isn't weird since we don't really know each other but I feel like we've bonded somehow. Do you feel the fictionpress bond?)
BTW I still want Drew! Every chapter makes me love him more!

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