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8/28 c132 7WolfGoesBaa
Things are moving on nicely Lutwo and Shuren are trying o take out the arrier while Lost and Moonlight Duke it out. I like how you reused the barrier spell in the plot. It speaks to a well thought out world but at the same a wide world with the new Ritual Anomalies. Can't wait to see how this conflict unfolds
8/26 c132 6Darth Zannacross
The sliver haired perv still is to vain to take things seriously it seems, but in the meanwhile they better step it up with things blowing up under there watch.

Everyone's getting together, but most of all it depends on what Moonlight 's next move is, guess we will see how it goes from here.
8/26 c43 35Starart152
This is a nice chapter with a fun battle between Shuren and Raspusin. The flow of the fight was pretty well done. On the side, the action of the masked man is mysterious. He is after the soul of a woman for a purpose and the comment on what the Thanatos family might be doing is something that will come back later on the story.
8/25 c131 6Darth Zannacross
We got some recovery time today, as much as one can recover while being taken care of by a not so ideal robot care taker, doh.

Also hard to recover when a guy as broken as Rex is making waves and issuing ultimatums like that, this could get dicey.

Gallows looks intense, lets see how brutal this clash of the rippers gets.
8/23 c42 35Starart152
This is a nice chapter that introduce the leader of the Slayers and describe in the story.
I do agree that the chapter was less impressive than many of the previous one. It might be because Yuichi isn't present or other of the very colorful characters.
It also gives a much more serious feeling with those characters without someone like Yuichi point of view that disturb a bit.
8/5 c6 3AnonymousAce
Yuichi really interests me as a character. Narcissistic, obviously, but also relatively empathetic. I feel most of the time these traits aren't intertwined in the same character, so this is a nice change of pace and makes for a compelling yet relatively rootable protagonist. I'm wondering whether he will remain a static character or perhaps have an arc, even if a small one.

I see you also added the obligatory tsundere. While I would've preferred a bit of a wait before the reveal of her crush on Yuichi, it's just personal preference and not really that valid of a criticism. The route you went for Mizuno still makes her a nuanced character, and from what I can see, she seems to be having an arc soon enough.

All in all, so far, I've been loving the story, sorry it's taken me an eternity to review.
5/28 c130 6Darth Zannacross
Knell is rebounding from realizing how much of a sting Ren and Alma can dish out, but, Blackthrorn looks like he is about to put everyone through a rough time...though Shiori might be through the worst time of all if they don't hurry up...since well..Ra-Amaterasu is already calling dibs to her body...this could get rather nasty.

Seems like I'm at the end of the line again but best of luck with the updates, till next time.
5/26 c41 35Starart152
This is a good chapter where the good guys won one battle, but Carrisa was victorious for Enigma in the other fight.
I don't have the feeling that we are reaching the climax of this arc yet as the tension increased a bit before the fight against Stella.
5/26 c129 6Darth Zannacross
As we shift back to the silvery pervert. This Deacon has some rather nasty sliver pointing...but he overplayed his hand, leading to one extreme unleashing of rage.

Seems Deacon had a delayed ace up his sleeve, but Lucy Mark 2 intervened before things could be decided...guess we will see how things go real soon.
5/23 c40 35Starart152
This is an intense chapter where our heroes would lose the fight if it wasn't for the younger generation that came to the rescue of their elder siblings.
I really like the flow of the fight in this chapter and how the thought process of the protagonists in their fight.
5/23 c128 6Darth Zannacross
Been a while but lets get back to this perverted chaos.

Kenlll's Word of Mouth power is rather chaotic indeed, but Ren's crafty enough to get through all the Macros so far. We seen she drew the short straw in life but, sadly she found the wrong pepole, we will see where it goes from here.
5/7 c129 7WolfGoesBaa
Woah. Yuichi got a bigger L than me in my final year of high school. I spat out my drink when Yuichi said biology and shouted out loud, " it's geography, you idiot!" Then Deacon revealed its actually physics. Sigh, maybe sharing baseline intelligence with Yuichi means I'm just as gorgeous as him.

The ROTS members have got to be my favorite genocidal villains so far. Their plan is horrible but you can't help but like them even if your routing for their defeat.
5/6 c128 WolfGoesBaa
This was a fun chapter. I love how you tie existing fairytale lore into your villains and give them a little twist. I haven't been a consistent reader so somme things escape my memory. Is this th first time you refer to ROTS embers as Ritual Anomalies?

You've created such a lore rich world that I'm thinking it might be worthwhile to create a Soul Anomaly Data Book to explain all the different anomalies, reapers and special weapons. Or I'll just browse previous chapters for a reminder
4/30 c130 geniusinmath
Very nice story so far. Can't wait til Chapter 131.
3/29 c129 Guest
Hey, just want to let you know I'm happy this is still continuing I noticed I didn't get any notifcations for a year for some reason and I thought you had stoped, but found out today that there's still more, keep up the good work
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