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for Murder Of La Luna (Ex-murderer book 2)

4/10/2013 c18 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
No problem! XD I think I speak for all of us when I say "we're always here to help!" Correct me if I'm wrong. :)
4/10/2013 c18 102Kathryn Claire O'Connor
Thanks for mentioning me here! I'll definitely go check out the other book. Good job on this one.:)
4/9/2013 c17 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
Wait wait wait...ROSE DIED?
4/7/2013 c16 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
Yay! XD Glad to see you're still alive and writing! Two things. One: check some of the spelling. (Just a few words, nothing more. And for their family names I don't think you need the apostrophe.) Two: Maybe you shouldn't rush things too much. I kinda felt like you were during the previous chapters. Take your time. Also, I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT NOTE WAS FOR HER! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
3/21/2013 c15 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
Even fewer! XD Anyways, good work, as always. :) (I'm starting to run out of things to say LOL. )
2/26/2013 c14 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
A few mistakes, sometimes with punctuation and grammar. But overall it was fine and understandable. I suggest a bit more proofreading though. And adding lines between changes in character perspective. Sometimes you miss that and the story is bit confusing then. But the chapter is great and I look forwards to the next one.
2/10/2013 c13 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
...So glad they didn't die...
2/5/2013 c12 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
Oh no...they're gonna live, right?
1/25/2013 c11 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
...Is Zoe that bad on the harmonica...?
1/15/2013 c10 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
...Damn, what's gonna happen next? XD
1/11/2013 c9 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
...I liked her grandmother...too bad she died soon after she first made an appearance...
12/20/2012 c8 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
Wow...rough night...
12/17/2012 c7 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
12/13/2012 c6 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
LOL Matt's joke made me laugh as well. Great chapter! XD PLEASE UPDATE SOON! XD
12/13/2012 c5 EverlastingBlueSkyXD
That is so cool...
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