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3/17 c1 1jd91
I just read through the three iterations of "Self Reflection." Damn, these are great poems. This first one is impressionistic, punchy, sharp, and vulnerable. "And now left screaming / Alone in bliss / In my own little abyss." Such a clever bit, although obviously devastating.
11/30/2012 c1 yourguide
this was is sad and I understand I stand in silence and I feel your pain i wish there was a way to show you the scars I have collected over the years and well for me being of a young age I am told I have nothing to be depressed about but you see that's not the case. It's just inescapable my love and I will hopefully one day be able to show the world the pain they have caused me. Your poem just gave me a little bit more hope and courage to push on thank you.
-Your guide-
sorry I read this at school and it doesnt let me sign into my account so I just sent an un signed reviwe but yourguide is my account.

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