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12/27/2018 c1 zagato
Thanks for writing!
11/14/2012 c1 1leavesfallingup
I enjoyed this story very much, though the little crime-drama at the end didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the story as well as it might have. Looking back, I could see the buildup towards the moment, but the end of that segment seemed slightly anticlimactic.

The romance, however, was great. I would love to see this written out in greater detail in book form somewhere in the future.
8/16/2011 c1 1JustWords
WOW! I could fill this page up singing your praises, but let me just say this was an AMAZIIIING story! Brilliantly written, great plot line, but... I did notice some inconsistencies in spelling here and there. Nothing major, just a word or two such as their when it should have been there.

But other then those, this is one of the best(and longest one shots) that I've had the pleasure of reading in a while.

Cheers! xD
2/7/2011 c1 10balloonfista
oh my God...I'm so glad I found this story again :D

Love it love it love it

12/1/2010 c1 lrstar123
Great story! But you may want to consider putting the story in different chapters, so that the reader doesn't have to scroll down one massively long page to read it. It gets kind of annoying...
1/12/2010 c1 Therese
Pretty good for a one-shot.

Thanks for bringing it to fictionpress :)
10/17/2009 c1 infiniteternity
absolutely brilliant! I'm still kicking myself over having doubts when seeing that it was a "mere chapter" long. Thank you for writing this
3/2/2009 c1 11Sakiru Yume
This was a really good story. I really liked it. You probably just should have separated the chapters. That's usually how people post stories.
3/5/2008 c1 SparklingStar25
This is wonderful!I love this story.
7/24/2007 c1 Evenstar1389
hi lol, i started readin expecting a one-shot story (tho the summary looked potentially long) and ended up reading everything XD It's quite a nice story, at one point it reminded me of Beauty and the beast, the beauty showing up on the beast's doorstep and a matronly housekeeper...never mind, i probably make no sense..
7/11/2007 c1 49Pinkamoo
Beautiful story. I have found some spelling mistakes but it was oh-so-sweet! It was also well written, you did a very good job.
6/13/2007 c1 4boredshitless
ok its 4:30 am at the moment and im finally finished

absolutely fantastic story, i really want to read the sequel but i feel that i need to go to sleep :D

you should update your sequel btw
4/23/2007 c1 swimchickslam
Aw! That's so cute! :D :D :D
7/4/2006 c1 2the.beat.of.my.heart
I've got one three words for you. Awsome. Completly awsome.
4/18/2006 c1 1Nerdette
LOVE IT! Every character was so real and had realistic elements to further the plot.
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