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for Tommy in WonderLand (YaoiLand)

12/4/2013 c13 30alatum Cloud
No! Save Tommy.
9/14/2013 c12 Belle
Polly's got a point. I wondered that as well. This is probably my favorite chapter so far. Tommy is so beautiful. Well, love you.
9/7/2013 c11 Belle
Tommy is so selfless. I love him so much. But he'll just suddenly be walking, and forget who he is, and who everyone else is.
8/2/2013 c11 Guest
More please! I really love this !
7/13/2013 c10 8HabitualLove
Hey, my name is Josh. My sister knows your sister. She said you write a lot of gay stuff, so I thought I'd drop in and let you know that I like your stories. They're good. Also, your sister said you were the one wwho taught her to be so accepting. Thanks for that.
7/13/2013 c10 True Talker
I am glad that he was saved and I like that he is cared about. Thank you for sharing.
7/11/2013 c10 30alatum Cloud
Wow, in this one, I think Jason liked Tommy first. That, or right after Tommy. I bet Jason doesn't even know, what he's feeling. The story has only just begun, and we are only at the end, of the beggining, of the start of the story. Love you.
7/5/2013 c9 kunf'you'z-ed
This chapter is so sad for some reason, I even actually started to cry. Because if Tommy loses all his memories of his life, he won't remember the place he called home. Even if he ends up staying in Wonderland, he should be able to think of the good times he had with his family. And what if he really does start to lose his memories of Jason and everyone else in Wonderland? Then he'll be stuck in a strange place with no one.

And I wonder if Diana and Luke are really Tommy's siblings and were somehow sent to Jason's world during the car crash. I really want to see how Tommy reacts to hearing the names. I hope he doesn't get hurt either way, if they are his family or not. I can't wait to see what you have planned next! Update soon, thanx, bye!
6/19/2013 c9 2Come At Me Bro321
I feel so bad for Tommy! That must cause some emotional turmoil. But that was a great chapter, I can't wait for the next one!
6/18/2013 c9 Belle
I knew it, before Tommy knew it. Jason is sacrificing his life for Tommy! Tommy likes Jason. He just isn't aware. But, then again, none of us ever are. * Shakes Head, in despair* I Am Going To Write This Next Part, With The Beginning Of Every Letter, In All Caps. Well, Love you!
* Blows a kiss, to Tommy. When, Jason isn't looking. Tommy looks confused, but takes it. Jason looks at me, and I run off into the Gum Drop forest.*
6/17/2013 c9 True Talker
I had found it interesting that both Diana and Luke had seemed familiar to him and that he had remembered something. Yes, I will read the next chapter as I am curious in regards to Diana and Luke.
5/23/2013 c8 kunf'you'z-ed
I never expected Tommy to start losing his memories! I really hope that Tyler isn't taking them on purpose and can give them back when they meet him. But this is an excellent way to help things along. And I wonder if Jason really does have feelings already for Tommy since he was blushing when William mentioned them sleeping in the same bed. But it would suck if Jason was the one straight guy before Tommy came along. Hopefully we'll find out soon.

And I'm so glad that Jayden took Tommy's advice to give Gabriel his memories back. I just really hope that he is a good guy and that nothing bad comes from it. And Joe is back! As a Dragon! I love him so much and I'm glad he gets more screen time. I can't wait to see what happens next with Tommy's memories and everything. Update soon! Thanx, bye!
4/8/2013 c7 kunf'you'z-ed
I like how Jayden had a shortcut but didn't feel the need to mention it until Tommy started whining about the trip and being tired. Which was understandable since he had been in pain. And I don't know what to think of Jason but it does seem every now and then that he's flirting but then he stops out of nowhere and backs off. Poor Tommy must be so confused by now.

And about the whole Dark Prince thing, if they give him his memories and he was a good person, wouldn't he stop wanting to hurt people? And if he didn't care and continued doing what he liked, I don't see his it would hurt to let Tyler give him his memories. Oh well, I guess we'll see soon then. Keep updating! Thanx bye!
3/29/2013 c6 Come At Me Bro321
I cant wait for the next chapter! that was awesome!
3/20/2013 c6 kunf'you'z-ed
Wow I kinda guessed who was going to be the Dark Prince but I never thought he would be related in some way to Jayden, even if it's not by blood. And I can't help but be curious as to who the Dark Prince was looking for. This almost makes me want to reread the real story and try to figure out who will be who still.

And I love how Tommy just feels like he belongs with everyone from this world. I hope he gets to stay with them after everything and doesn't have to return to the surface. Also, I like how Tommy noticed that Jayden smiled when William tried to cheer him up, it makes me think William won't have to deal with Jayden's obliviousness for long. Can't wait to see what happens next! Update soon! Thanx so much, bye!
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