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1/18/2013 c35 1lobsterwife
LOL I WAS SO WRONG WHOOPS. But holy crap that was exciting :0 I really thought Quentin was going to unsynch for a few minutes there. And then BOOM! Winter is the best, seriously. Never leave me. Unless you're also a bad guy -_- Seriously I'm so sad Smith is a bad guy :( I really liked her. How will Turner take the news? I wonder what her motivation was to work with Hunt? And I'm still eager to learn about the guy with the scar on his face. Anyway, I still love Natalie omg. Poor thing. Hopefully Cole is a gentleman so she doesn't have to cut up her arm poor darling. And PHINN! YOU'RE BACK MY SWEET PRINCE. I'm so happy Though it's upsetting the state he's in. Good greif ahhdhfg. Things are looking up? I have no idea.
1/17/2013 c34 lobsterwife
Ahh I've been out all night in New York City, so it was so nice to come home to a chapter! But the contents made me so sad :( It's cute when you realize how many ticks and idiosyncrasies Phinn has. I wonder where Anya picked up that verbal "right?" thing from. Because Phinn must have got that from her. And it was cute to see how well Elena knows him ;A; It made me so sad to see he wasn't real, and that he hurt Elena like that. But now I'm curious about Smith's motives. I don't think she's a bad guy. I think there's something going on and Phinn is in on it. That's why she flubbed the remote communication maybe? To keep their plans secret from everyone else? Hmm I'm excited for the next chapter! Maybe this will all be explained. I'm back to my Phinn is doing something cool theory.
1/16/2013 c34 fanX2
Hey welcome back! I heard you were sick. but i'm glad your back and I can't wait to see where the story keeps going
1/14/2013 c33 lobsterwife
Oh wow! I've been a butt about reviewing lately. Sorry :\ I've been sort of busy, but I have read through the last three chapters. And ahhh. I don't know whether or not to trust Smith. On one hand she seems like a capable person, and I have no idea why she would sabotage anyone. But then again her stun seems way too powerful, and I don't believe she actually did remote communication with Phinn. Is Anya on the Storms? Is Phinn with her? Or is it a message? I have no idea, but I want to believe Phinn is on there. But would that be suspiciously good? Haha I can't trust anything or anyone anymore.
1/13/2013 c32 Guest
This is a very good story one of the things I love about it is how intune you get with the characters, being able to feel what they feel ya know, so keep ot up your a very good writer!
1/9/2013 c30 lobsterwife
NoooooOooooOOoooo. My heart hurts. Though I guess I should be used to this sort of thing because nothing good ever happens to the Sons. SERIOUSLY. Note to self: don't associate yourself with the Sons because they only bring bad luck ;A; My poor Phinn you poor darling. I thought you were doing something cool, why must you do this to me? Just poor everyone ARH. Poor Garrett and Quentin and Sage and Elena and BAGH. I want everyone to be happy, but I guess there will be a greater payoff at the end if there's a lot of suffering and sad stuff :( Also I'm still concerned over Anya's condition for whatever reason. Maybe Natalie's vision could help out? Ugh I don't even know what to say about this. I'm just so sad. Good thing Cole and Turner are around to make me laugh. Thanks, boys. It's cute how Cole can't bring himself to see Dane, and Turner's crush on Smith lol. What would I do without those two around. Cry a lot. Probably.
1/8/2013 c29 lobsterwife
One second I'm clawing at my face, upset and teary-eyed, the next I'm laughing my ass off because certain Sons are too dorky to be alive. Seriously. I'm gonna keep praying that Phinn is all right. Because I can't imagine him suffering without getting all sad inside. Poor Elena GOOOOSH. It's awful. But it does make sense that Hunt would synch them to another person so he doesn't get the full brunt of the pain. If he does have Phinn, then I wonder how Anya is? She was in the Kingdom when it took off, right? We haven't seen her around anywhere. I hope Devin Smith can help us out in that capacity. And speaking of Smith... she's a total babe. OH mygod I love her to bits. Not only is she a badass female soldier, but she can make men fall to their knees just by standing near her haha. I love it. Also she said Elena was pretty, so I like her even more for being a sweetie. And I think Sage's jealously is adorable. Poor thing. Garrett is madly in love with you, darling, don't ever second guess that ;A; But UUUhh I really hope we get a definite answer on what's happening with Phinn because I hate seeing Elena so broken up about it. My sweet sweet girl :(
1/7/2013 c28 lobsterwife
Basically I'm in love with Cole at this point omg. I was making the dumbest of faces when we found out he gave up his Kingdom for Dane. LIKE WHAT A PRECIOUS PRINCE. I can't believe him omg. What a darling. At this point Cole can do no wrong in my eyes haha. He's great. I also love him and Turner hanging out because it's like swinging bachelor city over there (but I'm secretly shipping Cole and Natalie shhh don't judge me please I'm fragile). I can't get over how perfect this chapter is though. Clinton is becoming one of my favorites if only for his sassiness. He's gotten less jerky and more sassy lately, and I love it. Also I didn't know that Smith was a woman, and now I'm excited because I've been wondering where all the lady soldiers are being kept. BUT AH. She's probably a badass. I hope she like kicks Clinton's ass all around the Imperial City haha.

And oh crap I guess I was wrong about Quentin. His mother is nuts, and I don't like her at ALLLLL. She needs to leave because I'm seriously worried over Quentin and his family. Like I don't want her going all Mother Gothel and stealing their baby. And my forever favorite Phinn ;A; I want to believe something else is at work here, like he's doing something crazy awesome right now, and is just an idiot and didn't tell anyone about it beforehand. I guess I feel like how Elena is feeling right now? Which is some srsly good writing to be honest. Like when Cole unsynched his Kingdom and Elena felt pride? I felt pride too! Like rEALLY PROUD. And now I'm super worried and nervous because I don't want Phinn to be suffering either. It's really cool how you get to know these characters through Elena's eyes, so when she feels something toward them, you feel it too? I'm not explaining myself well. But eghhhh! I just want him to be okay :( Number one Phinn fangirl right here lol.
1/7/2013 c27 fanX2
I think turner said it best! "That savage little bitch"! didn't see that one coming! awesome. But can someone else give up their Kingdom for an antidote or does it have to be Ryder? even though we only just met Dane, I don't want him to die.
1/6/2013 c27 lobsterwife
Ughhgjdhfjdhfjd the fact that Ryder did that? It's so gross.. I mean. I realize that she's only a sixteen year old kid, and their selfish most of the time, but it's so crazy that she isn't even considering it. She'd let Dane die? That's just so nuts. I was livid when she said that about Lawson and Sage making her look like a bad person. Like is that what she's thinking? I guess I'm so used to everyone having such amazing character development from their first appearance. And Ryder has also had development, but hers is more damning, showing her true colors, I guess. She's a very selfish, immature person compared to Sage who's around the same age as she is. Sage is one of my favorites, and this chapter made me love her so much because HAHHDHH. She cares SO MUCH for Garrett, and it's so beautiful to see that sort of love expressed from a girl who you wouldn't expect it from. I love that Sage is sort of rough and tumble, but she also has this soft, feminine side. She can kick your ass, but she's also fragile and compassionate about the people she loves. I like how close her and Turner have gotten from the beginning of the story. Their relationship is one of my favorites. And you'd actually think Lawson would do the same thing Ryder did, but I think he sincerely cares about Faye as a wife, and as a human being. Ryder doesn't see Dane as a person, he's just a casualty. Lawson actually has respect and compassion for this woman, and even though he doesn't know her, he still understands that he can't let another human die because of him. And that's the difference between Ryder and Lawson/Sage, or even Turner and Cole. They see the value of human life, while Ryder doesn't seem to grasp the concept of it. And that makes me sad. I hope she can get her shit together, or at least learns a lesson from all of this because I don't want her to walk away from this unscathed.

Now Quentin is also missing? I'm still convinced Jenny is in labor somewhere. But maybe now that Garrett has the antidote, he'll heal up quickly, and they can find where Phinn is at. I'm hoping he's got some gambit up his sleeve, or maybe I'm putting too much faith in his intelligence. Anyway, great chapter. I love this series because while it's a fantasy there are still a lot of moral issues going on. Not everything in this world is black and white, and I appreciate that. But jeez. That stuff with Ryder still upset me.
1/4/2013 c26 lobsterwife
O T. Didn't see that one coming OH WOAH. ? But it sort of makes sense? I have no idea what's going to happen from here on, or how the flip Hunt survived, or WHATEVER? He must have wanted this month long reprieve to happen... maybe so he could get strong in the meantime? I mean, he's much stronger than before. Ughhgjhjf but this can help them defeat Hunt then? But also it's bad because he is kidnapping those magic users, and since he's not a demon he can perform Soul Strips? OH GOD? This is getting exciting. Also Robert and Irving are so adorbs. I hope they can spend more time together now too. :)
1/3/2013 c25 lobsterwife
Ahhhh I love Natalie. That's my first impression of her haha. She seems like such a cute person. She sort of reminds me of Olivier, who sort of went along with everything without really questioning it, but she also seems super excited about what's going on (her comment about Hayden's marriage made me laugh. IT WAS FUN until people got kidnapped...). Also guHHH no magic users disappearing? Not good. I don't like how people are magically disappearing. Though I'm trying to convince myself that Phinn and Anya are on a badass mission right now lol. Like I want him to be doing something cool instead of being kidnapped WHOOops. I like Winter too. He's a cool dude. But I'm worried about the guy with the scar on his face. He must be important. But whoo! More Red Lady insight next chapter? Also more Irving :D :D :D
1/2/2013 c24 lobsterwife
First: yay! You're updating again :D I hope you had a nice holiday! And second: awwwww Lawson :( The poor darling. It must be such an awful feeling losing your Kingdom like that. But you have to admire him for being so brave, and selfless. I can't imagine Lawson three months doing something like that. It's nice to see how much the characters have evolved over the series. And I loved Elena bringing up the killing the Sons topic, and how Lawson sort of thought about it. I really hope they don't try to kill each other? Because they've all become so close. And I can't see any of them killing each other without feeling horrible about it? Also I'm still worrying over Phinn :( Let's hope he's doing something useful right now, instead of being kidnapped. Huhmmm, HMmmMmMm.
12/30/2012 c23 lobsterwife
Oh Sage. Never change. Only that girl would be ballsy enough to marry herself while her fiance is asleep. Also I am v. worried about Mr. Phinn and his mysterious absence. I will lead the search party myself if I must ;A; There's a good chance he's dicking around somewhere, but I'm worried Hunt got to him while everyone wasn't looking. Noooo my poor darling. Please be okay? And what is Quentin hiding? IS JENNY GOING INTO LABOR OMG. I DON'T KNOW PROBABLY NOT. I need to stop making crazy assumptions. But maybe a cute baby can make this situation less tense :( Ughhh.
12/25/2012 c22 lobsterwife
Cole COle COle COle my baby COle. I love him so much. What a beautiful child. I think he's gotten so much character development (along with the other Sons, but AHH COLE). I have to clutch at my face because he's so adorable and dumb and SO YOUNG LIKE A BABY. I was so sad when he was talking about not having a family and trading his Kingdom for anyone like AH THAT IS SO LIKE HIM RIGHT! Poor thing had no one at such a young age :( He must have felt so lonely all that time. I love the brother-sister relationship he has with Elena. Actually, this chapter was chock full of my favorite Elena broships. Her and Turner are SHFJHFJ I love them too much. I can't imagine Turner with a beard. Maybe a cute soul patch or a goatee haha. But one of the Sons needs to grow a nice awesome beard before the series is over, so I can have that to warm my dreams at night. Also I'm excited to see what the new Chaste Beauty is like. I hope she's a good one too.
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