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12/25/2012 c21 fanx2
I like Nice Clinton! He's so sweet! Worried about Phinn thuogh.
12/25/2012 c20 fanx2
Aww... this is all so sad to read. Garrett!
12/21/2012 c19 1lobsterwife
Oh no no no this isn't good. I bet Elena was close to finding out those words too. That memory of Clinton's was so interesting. Those two have a whole other story going on, don't they. It must have been difficult on both of them. Irving having to raise kids by himself at such a young age, and Clinton for being so lonely as a child :( This world forces kids to grow up far too quickly, and it's heart breaking. You have to wonder how many of the characters actually had a functional childhood. I want to analyze the heck out of your series haha. There's such interesting themes, an example being, like, how quickly children have their innocence crushed. Like Quentin being abused by his mother, and Phinn retiring Chaste Beauties at eleven freaking years old, and Turner starting to drink when he was only twelve? There's tons of examples of children acting like adults, and being forced to grow up too fast (the Elite for example). It's so upsetting to me :( You're an adult when, in our world, you'd be starting high school. You're of marriage age when you're a high school junior! It's crazy. Anyway, oh shit Hunt is on the hunt :0
12/20/2012 c18 lobsterwife
Haha what a cute chapter. I say that about all the chapters, but I think Nice Clinton is cute. That line about Elena helping get laid almost killed me. What a dear. I'm starting to like him more, and I understand what Elena meant when she said he could be friendly if he tried. Keep this up Clinton, and you could be one of my favorite characters :D Oooh new Chaste Beauty! I wonder what she's like? Also Elena is the best character out of everyone, just saying. People say she's dumb, but she's super perceptive, and I think that does surprise people a lot, or at least puts them off guard. She's not afraid to really get inside someone's head? Or ask questions and snoop around haha. I love her a lot, and I wish she was a real person, so I could be friends with her haha.
12/19/2012 c17 lobsterwife
EEEEEK wow I never would have pegged Olivier and Wood as becoming a couple, but they're pretty cute! I sort of like how dominant Olivier is haha. Sloppy makeouts right when you come through the door! What a lovely girlfriend you have, Wood. Now I have something new to obsess over whoops. But really, I like it a lot. Also you go Hayden for putting your foot down! The poor guy. It's odd to have a King who is aware of all the things going on behind the scenes though. I wonder if that will influence his rule? Hmmm. Also I think the Reviver might be Clinton? I mean, he brought Lawson back to life? But I don't think he's a doctor...? I should keep my nose out of these prophecies because I have no idea what they actually mean! But I love all the new mysteries!
12/16/2012 c15 lobsterwife
I had to read this chapter twice because there was a lot of info it take in! First of all I liked the callback to the first book with the whole Elena and Phinn locked in a cage thing (was that a callback? Maybe I am thinking too hard about things again? But it reminded me of that scene all the way back in book one ). I swear, those two will never stop being adorable. Phinn stowing away on the Clouds daaaamn boy you were being so inadvertently romantic. And my theory about Jasper being Craig's son still stands! I'm interested to see how that all plays out. And I'm happy to hear about Olivier being alive! She's a cutie, and I'm excited to see her again. Also from Wood's adorable stammering I can only assume he was the one to retire her? I mean, it's the Captain of the Guard's job, right? (I'm sorry his awkwardness was too endearing I must comment on it). That whole thing about the stone slab is also interesting! Hmm, I wonder what Elena said? And is she really involved in these prophecies more? I'm happy to finally figure out what the Red Lady thing was all about. I was completely off mark haha. I'm glad to hear about the Sons being okay.
12/15/2012 c14 lobsterwife
I'm actually crying right now. This is too much for me. Too much oh my gosh I am in tears. Damn you woman ;A; I am so emotional right now gosh dammit. Anyway, Clinton and Robert and Irving are so cute aryuhgjhd. It was so wonderful and selfless of Irving to take in Clinton and Robert when they had no one. It's nice to see grumpy guys get a fleshed out back story like that. I found myself falling for Clinton as a character in this chapter. I like seeing how human people can be, and Clinton was at his best with Robert. It was so sweet. I do hope Irving's condition has improved enough so he can remain with Robert. I would hate for them to be separated ;A; But yeah god oh my gosh I can't with the dumbness that is Phinn and Elena. I can';t even type I keep stumbling over keys. Oh my gosh. THEY ARE THE PERFECT FICTIONAL ROMANCE THE MOST PERFECT I HAVE EVER READ. I can't contain my love for them anymore (and you're probably like "when has she ever contained it in the first place?"). BUT JUST DEAR GOD. Those two. I can remember back in book one where I was like "hmm they would be cute together, but he's a doof", but now he's still a doof, but SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I could write essays about why they're so perfect, and it's the fact that they're actually very flawed, imperfect people? I HAVE TO say they're probably my number one fictional couple of all time. Just sayin. You do good work at making me cry and obsess over this. BUT WHEN HE KISSED HER I WAS LIKE OMG CHEERING THROUGH MY TEARS. And the end killed me. I am actually a ghost, typing this review with my ghost fingers. The Kingdom Series has been my cause of death. Chesterfield's perfection has been my undoing. Bless you. This is the worst review I have ever written, I'm sorry.
12/14/2012 c13 lobsterwife
Like Elena, I was super relieved when I found out you-know-who was dead, but only because no one else I super super super loved was dead instead, you know? I mean, what if my precious darling idiot Cole died (again)? I would have cried buckets of tears. You've put me through enough Sons Deaths, and they cause me to have so much anxiety. ;A; Anyway, is Clinton really only seventeen? I'll have to go back and check, but woah that seems so young to me? I always pictured him older. (I just went back and checked and yeah that's a chapter I had apparently not read whoops). That's so strange :-0 I sort of burst into awful laughter when Clinton said it was a girlfriend's job to get kidnapped. Oh Clinton, you are too Genre Savvy for me. Clearly, he needs to play Super Mario Bros. or something. And I also love Elena's bizarre affinity for grumpy people (saying Clinton's angry muttering was cute oh Elle you're the only person in the world who could appreciate things like that). I'm just happy that most people seem to be okay (minus the kidnapped people :/). And gosh poor baby Irving. What will become of him? He's such a good guy. It makes me so sad :( You create all these nice cute guys and then you make them suffer. You are truly an author now.
12/13/2012 c12 Guest
Very good chapter, very I intense, Elena is officially awesome and is the red lady Elena cause she wore phinns Colors, since his memory is screwed is that the only thinng he can remember her by?
12/13/2012 c12 lobsterwife
Oh thank whoever that Irving is okay (for the most part). And well, he's okay physically, but mentally he's all screwed up :( Poor guy. I'm worried for him. But Elena is awesome. She's easily the best character in the series haha. She's just so strong and determined and cool under pressure. I love her. The thing that stood out to me the most in this chapter was Irving's weird mumbling when the doctor and Elena arrived. He mentioned something about the Red Lady, and the King's Soldier. At first I thought the Red Lady was some religious thing (we don't know what religion if any people follow around here), but then I did notice the second thing, the King's Soldier part. The Soldier is capitalized like he's a person. So now I'm convinced it's either a children's story or a play or something? (I love how this story is serialized so I have to wait longer to find out these things. And this Red Lady thing is going to bug me, I just know it). I wonder what city they landed near? Great chapter :D
12/12/2012 c11 lobsterwife
DAMMNANDMSNDS. That was intense. What a crazy few chapters. I don't like the idea of being kidnapped at all. It's so frightening, especially when you throw in the torture and stuff. God, poor Irving. Being trapped in isolation for who knows how long? It all goes back to Hunt's mind games which I severely dislike, but as a villain they make him extra dangerous. It's bad now, I assume only Irving and Elena managed to escape? And even then is Irving all right? I freaking hope he is, or else this whole escape plan would have been in vain. I really don't want Garrett and Dane and Faye getting punished worse only to have Irving die :( Please please please be okay. And please have them get someplace safe *wishes wishes* I really love how infallible the characters are. Like Irving's moment of weakness was so effective and awful, I felt so bad for him, knowing how cool and strong of a guy he is. And Garrett was so badass this whole chapter. He's a badass in general, and I like how he's usually a sort of meek, polite, quiet guy, but he has this awesome strength and this great love for his friends. It makes me so weepy. ;A; (pls let irving be okaaaay)
12/11/2012 c10 lobsterwife
Argh this is madness! I feel awful for the people taken hostage, more so than usual because we're actually there with them. In the past, we've only seen other people kidnapped, and Elena was hanging out with the rescue team, so it was a different experience. It's really scary :( I think I would be a total Faye in this situation. She doesn't even know the whole story behind Hunt! Poor thing. Elena is so strong! And even when she admits she's scared, she still bucks up and takes care of people. I always liked that maternal streak of Elena's. I'm glad Irving's all right. Like the story pointed out, it makes sense that Hunt captured him, for revenge, but does that mean he also has Clinton? (Maybe that's where they're headed? Whoops I theory'd). I'm trying to figure this whole thing out in my head, but obviously you're the only person who truly knows Hunt's evil motivations. I'm just a lowly reader obsessively putting it together in her head. But I always liked Elena's third person limited narrative. It creates more suspense because obviously we have NO IDEA about Hunt's plans, or who else he has taken hostage, or what the Sons are doing right now. And sometimes it's frustrating not to know these things because we're only in Elena's head, and we only know her feelings and her (usually on the nose) observations, but it also lends more suspense and open-endedness to the story, and gives me more opportunity to make dumb theories. Eeeesjhfjdhfd I'm so excited to see what's going to happen in this arc :0
12/9/2012 c9 lobsterwife
omgjfhdjfhdjf this is too scary. i don't like this at all ;A; Like wow, this whole chapter was way too intense for my poor heart. I can't deal with poor Garrett getting tossed around and beaten like that. Hunt seems to have gotten way stronger now, and he's using violence along with his usual mind games. That just makes him extra scarier and extra dangerous. How will they beat him now? Man, this is crazy. I wonder why Hunt is so insistent on keeping them alive? Obviously he's keeping them as hostages, but he said "once I'm finished with you". What does that mean? Hmmm I'm curious to see what his plan is. Ughhjg Hunt's mind games are seriously sick and twisted. He hits close to home, doesn't hold anything back, and I think he's ready for even more revenge. I mean, he's already been screwed over once, and now he's probably more pissed off than before. Ughjhgj this book will probably be dark, I can tell.
12/8/2012 c8 lobsterwife
Ha-ha! So my dumb assumption was correct :0 (Though I was happy to see you liked when I made those silly guesses haha). Not that I'm happy about Elena's current situation. It's really scary, and if I remember correctly, Elena has never really been kidnapped before. I mean, she's been kidnapped by Sons, but never by the Big Bad. It'll be interesting to see how she handles herself without the Sons around? I guess that's what the book summary means, so I'm excited to see how this arc plays out. I actually thought Jenny, Juliet, and Jackson were going to be taken as well (though I was sort of ehhh about the last two because Turner and Juliet don't have a strong relationship, and Jackson's relationship with Cole is platonic, so they don't fit the pattern). But now I'm super interested because there must be a reason only those four were taken? Or maybe there isn't, and I should stop overthinking everything. But I grew up on Harry Potter, so overthinking everything is my default mode. I just love mysteriiiieees.
12/7/2012 c7 lobsterwife
Noooooo all the cuteness is gone ;A; It was too good to last. I'm really scared now :0 What's going on? Hmm what I can gather from this is Hunt must be taking hostages or something. That one soldier was killed, but Dane and Garrett were just tranquilized. So that means Hunt is using them to get to the Sons? More theories! But I just like finding patterns. And I might be wrong, but it's a pretty foul plot. I wouldn't put it past Hunt to do that. Well we'll find out what's happening next chapter I guess! This is scary and exciting arfhhfh.
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