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12/6/2012 c6 1lobsterwife
And here's where things go to hell omg. I don't know what to say about the King's decision except I expected this and I didn't? I really thought the Sons who wanted the Clouds (if I remember correctly, Turner and Phinn had no interest in it?) were going to fight it out, but then bam! Hayden's the heir then? That could cause some problems... ughjghf what a cliffhanger! Anyway, I have a theory about Mr. Wade Jasper and his meanie pants. Someone mentioned his father was killed in combat, and as we were made aware of in the last book, Anya's poor lost love Craig was killed in combat AND left behind a son who was young, close to Phinn's age (so he would have to be 19 now). So is Craig Jasper's father? And does that mean Phinn knew him all those years ago? Yes it's another one of my crazy theories! But when they said his dad was killed my mind jumped right to Craig. Now wouldn't that me interesting? Also Dane is a cutie, and I love him and Ryder being drunk together haha. And I bet Faye is some badass action girl, right? Everyone is always full of hidden depths and surprises in this story. Can't wait to find out what happens next :)
12/5/2012 c5 lobsterwife
Too much cute. I know I've been saying that for the last five chapters, but I can't help it ;A; It's so nice to see everyone in such a peaceful, non-crazy, almost normal environment. Weddings are kind of weird aren't they? But I guess it's because marriage is such a breezy, cavalier thing in this world. I mean, the the king has been married seven times, so he must have made it quicker to do so, and then you get a fun party afterwards :D By the way, Dane Reynolds is such a handsome guy name haha. And Faye Archer is a total babe, dang Lawson. Their babies are going to be crazy beautiful. And the mystery behind Garrett and Sage's break up has come to light. It's about as silly as I expected it to be, though I get Sage's annoyance with the Juliet thing. But you know Turner is gonna be all over that anyway. Also I love the dumb team of Elena and Phinn jeesh. Those two are dummies to the end. But I love that little moment between Quentin and Elena at the end. Yes Elena is the raddest chick in the world. Quentin accepts that now. Next time will their be DANCING? Party time :DDDD
12/4/2012 c4 lobsterwife
Poor Hayden :( That sucks that he can't have his wedding on his own terms. He's obviously too unhealthy and weak to do it :( I feel bad for him since he cares about Emma so much, and I'm sure he would rather marry her when he was feeling better, but grrr that King. Though maybe it wasn't even his decision considering what we know about this government (or he was influenced to have the decision lol). I don't like Hayden looking shitty either! Poor guy.
12/2/2012 c3 fanx2
I love how cole can be so mean and so nice at the same time. Hes such a jerk but hes so lovable that we forgive him for it. And lawson got married? Things feel too happy right now. I think things are going to get wosrse soon, dont' you?
12/2/2012 c3 lobsterwife
Three cute chapters in a row. I can't deal with it. I'll probably have to go back and read these chapters when shit hits the fan, right? First of all, COOOOLE. Swinging bachelor Cole. He's growing up so fast ;A; But I'm reminded of how much I adore his little brother/older sister relationship with Elena. Those two give me all the happy feels. I just adore them. And Quentin and Jenny eek! I love babies. Don't let Hunt near the babies. I'm actually not surprised about Lawson and his lady. I assumed he'd bring a date with him, though I wasn't assuming they'd be married :0 Elena's theory about him marrying so fast makes a lot of sense. Ahhjhj I'm so happy for him though. Faye is a pretty name :) I bet she's super pretty and nice too. Also, I wonder if Olivier's at the wedding? Is she even still the Chaste Beauty? I guess we'll find out those things soon. I'm thrilled to see Hayden again since it's been so long since we saw him last. Elena's gonna crush him with a super hug isn't she omg. I love this book so much. It's making me weep.
12/1/2012 c2 lobsterwife
Oh my gosh what a cute chapter! I was giggling and gasping and awwwing through the whole thing haha. I love the three girls together. They're just so cute :D It feels like I haven't seen them in forever as well, which is funny since the last chapter came out last week? But it feels like forever. I wish I could see Sage in a dress. She probably looks so pretty ;A; And Ryder already has a fiance? Should I figured that would happen. I hope Garrett and Sage aren't forever broken up :( They made a nice couple. But I'm interested in knowing what the deal is with him and his niece? Also totally forgot about Phinn's colorblindness thing lol. Ryder and I are practically the same person when it comes to Phinn having a girlfriend omg. I like these cute chapters where everyone is being cute and silly and CUTE. Kingdom of Storms might be the CUTEST BOOK EVER. Then something crazy bad happens at the wedding whoops. But I can't wait to see the boys And what Elena's dress looks like? She'll probably be a knock-out. How pregnant does Jenny look right now? I'M TOO EXCITED.
11/30/2012 c1 lobsterwife
YES! NEW BOOK! Oh my gosh you just had to start it in the cutest way possible, didn't you ;A; Seriously there's so much to love about this book already, and it's only been one chapter :) The Turner-Elena-Phinn trio makes me so happy for some reason. I love Phinn and Turner teaching each other stuff, and Turner teaching Elena how to dance, and how he treats her like a guy friend instead of a girl friend. The three of them are so cute I can't stand it. And when I read the summary for this book, I just knew Hayden and Emma were going to get married! I love weddings :D But you know something is going to happen, and it's gonna be crazy. Anya's weird personality shifts lol. Poor Elena. And I totally understand where Elena and Phinn are coming from. I'm the same way, I guess. It's weird labeling a relationship, and I had a (crappy) boyfriend for some time, but I refused to acknowledge him as such. I'm just glad the two of them are in happy relationship with each other :D I'm very excited to see what the Sons have been up to since the month has passed. What do they all look like now? This is so exciting ahdjfhdj.
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