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5/5/2013 c13 619Jave Harron
A nice story detailing the founding of the Agency. The pacing near the end seemed fairly tight, although the chapter seemed more dialogue heavy than others (although that seems to be warranted, given it focuses on Harriet's PoV).
4/10/2013 c11 Jave Harron
Okay, this chapter's definitely got a "robotsploitation meets blaxploitation" vibe. I really enjoyed Smith in this chapter and hope to see more of him. Still, some of the pacing with the fight scenes seemed a bit off (at least near the end), but over all I felt the setup was fairly well handled.
3/4/2013 c9 Jave Harron
Okay, Nazi (or proto-Nazi) punching is something that had been missing up until now. Mad scientists, angry mobs, and undead creatures are all fun, but the story seemed to drag a bit compared to earlier chapters. Prometheus was fun, though, and I hope to see more of him.
2/24/2013 c8 Jave Harron
A fun story here, exploring more of the history of this universe. I liked your different bad guy and fanatic groups, especially the Future Men. I noticed a few grammatical issues and the introduction seemed fairly slow. Aside from that, I'm looking forward to some more descriptive metaphors and language.
2/14/2013 c7 Jave Harron
Okay, this was one of my favorite chapters for a while. I liked the jump to a modern timeline, as well as the antagonists of this story. The evil Furbies made me laugh. Pacing near the middle seemed to slow down a bit, but picked up at the end. I like your modern cast, and hope we can check out on them and in other periods as well. I liked when you jumped around chronologically with Acheron, and Steele City is another good setting as well.
2/2/2013 c6 Jave Harron
Okay, the antagonists in the last two stories were pretty cool. The Rust in particular I liked, as well as having a human foe able to take on Deuce hand to hand like Izzy did here. The drama was well paced, although the robot romance seemed a bit awkward (again, probably intentional). Still loving this series and looking forward to the next installment.
1/16/2013 c4 Jave Harron
Okay, I enjoyed this story. The Floating World and Japanese elements were interesting and fun. The fight scene near the end was my favorite part. Exploring the world outside of Steele City was also a nice scenery change. I am curious if we'll see any other locations outside Steele City in future stories.
1/8/2013 c3 Jave Harron
Okay, I am liking Deuce and Harriet in this series. Even Philo is a bit better developed than other such sidekicks. I also like the setting, the alt. history allowing for some cool things. Your antagonists are also done fairly well. A few issues I've noticed, though: Pacing in the second story seemed a bit off, at least near the end. "Made Man" had some grammatical errors I noticed. Looking forward to more of Zero, Philo, and Harriet.
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