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for Bad Seed

12/8/2012 c1 2tomcat941
I really enjoyed it. It was short, but i don't think it needed to be any longer. The ending was very interesting, and you got quite a good idea of what the characters are like, even from such a short story. You can tell that the boy is a little hot-headed, and brave, as well as curious, which is seen when he confronts the murderer. You can also tell that the murderer is arrogant, from the use of the word 'strolls' which suggests that he is very relaxed, and pleased with himself for getting away with the murder, and when he chuckles you can tell that he knows he is in power, and that he is a bit of a sadist, because he is clearly proud of what he has done. I love how you managed to create so much meaning from such a short story.
12/7/2012 c1 Felrain
Wonderful story, very deep and solidly true. Keep writing!
12/7/2012 c1 2Emma Zippy 577
Wow, deep. I liked it! :D it makes you think.

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