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1/2/2014 c10 Ereh
Whoa that escalated quickly. Didn't see that fight coming. XD

I don't see anything wrong with chapters becoming shorter. I prefer it like that lol. Each chapter is interesting anyway regardless of the length.

New character again. Didn't expect that someone from Green Knights would appear quickly. Karasawa Miho is quite an interesting character but I would like to see more of her. Typical bad ass antagonist, I guess. (Wow we both have a character with Karasawa as her surname lol).

And the plot thickens...
1/2/2014 c9 Ereh
Wow. I didn't know about that Green Knight. Kinda informative for me.

I'm still wondering if Tenjou is an ally or not. I'm getting excited to know more about this guy. He's just filled with mystery.

Also, Tenjou is right. Shinya should have done something about Rei himself. Let's see if there would be a character development to start here.

Alice, as always, is amusing when she teases Shinya despite the fact that she was friendzoned. Best girl there indeed. XD
1/2/2014 c8 Ereh
Oho so he's from Anti-Artifact Agency and he's here to protect Rei. I'm still having my doubts about Tenjou though. He doesn't strike me as someone to be trustworthy, with how smooth he talks.

Didn't expect a passive Artifact like his though. To add, it's part of his body. I thought at first that most of them are inanimate objects. So it has a variety.

Seems like more info about Artifacts are about to be unveiled soon. Actually, I can somewhat understand if someone would want to kill Rei for her artifact. It's way too powerful. I myself would also want the ability to read other people's minds LOL.

Great chapter. I'm about to fave this soon.
1/2/2014 c7 Ereh
I like that somewhat prologue-like part at the start. Though it was kinda info-dump, I think it was fine.

And Tenjou Mikado arc starts! Oh this time it's a guy. I thought it was another girl. Good, good. Now what kind of artifact will I see from this guy? I'm having thoughts of whether he will be an antagonist or not. Oh well, better read on to find out.
1/2/2014 c6 Ereh
And that ends Shirogane Alice arc. Not much of a grand ending, but it was a nice arc overall.

Shinya, Shinya. You have the opportunity to touch a girl while she ends up naked and you let it slip! I am disappointed in you LOLOL. But you have my respect for being a gentleman. ;)

The concept of Cinderella was unexpected though. Didn't think you would include something like that there. Thinking about it, I forgot that Artifacts have their own names. Interesting way of putting it, really.

So the confession was nothing but a way to remove the Artifact. At least that satisfies me. Now, I shall look forward to how their relationship would go. I'm thinking of choosing Alice as best girl in this story so far.
1/1/2014 c5 Ereh
Well, I was expecting a confession sooner or later, though to be honest that was rather abrupt. Would have been more interesting if the development of their relationship lasts longer rather than just a matter of two days. That would have given more support for their shipping lol.

So that's how the artifact work, huh? Next chapter should clear everything. I was lost at some point, but nevertheless, it was interesting.
1/1/2014 c4 Ereh
Hello! For this year, I decided to start doing some marathon on the stories I paused on reading and on my list, this was on the top (It was arranged alphabetically) so here I am reading it again.

Ah... More development. Alice seems to start showing more of her softer side than before. That's actually nice though I would like to see some development on the focus of this arc soon, which is her artifact.

Well, seems like you're about to unfold the mystery behind Alice's artifact anyway, basing from the last part of this chapter. Oh I'm getting excited to know that.

I'll read more and make sure to finish this up to the latest chapter. Happy writing!
12/15/2013 c6 20DevilPogoStick
So the problem is handled...Yet Shinya has Alice to deal with XD

And damn, what kind of parents are letting her stay with him?! LOL

And yes Shinya, you're now officially in romantic comedy Hell...have fun! -w-

Keep it up!
12/15/2013 c4 9kingofe3
Guess some more AlicexShinya rabu could be added. If by the end of this arc she somehow stays with him, I wouldn't be surprised nor by the fact she doesn't. Guess the ending really does have two different outcomes.

As Senti mentioned, I'm shocked we still don't a visual reference to Shinya's appearance in the slightest. I just imagine him with a generic Anime guy appearance really. ._.

Hopefully, we can some plot progress with that ending.
12/15/2013 c5 20DevilPogoStick
Wow, Rei cares...in her own way! I mean sure she brings back all that stuff but you know, she cares. XD

And Alice...Care about Shinya in some way!

...Yeah, I suck at giving reviews. XD

But still, a good read anf I love to see how it ends.

Keep it up!
12/15/2013 c4 DevilPogoStick
Well...This is nice.

I do like the talks other than the snarking and arguing. Kind of nice to have that pace.

And yeah, Shinya gets a one-up on Alice for once! XD

Keep it up!
12/15/2013 c4 2Sentimental RainCloud
This was a AliceXShinya chapter. ._.

Alrighty, I just realized something. I have no clue what anyone looks like besides Alice and Rei. I have no idea what Shinya looks or anything else for that matter. After reading three chapters it finally hit me in the fourth. What I can say is you don't supply your readers with enough description, and the description you do supply is repetitive. It's always about Alice beauty, and nothing much after that. I don't know what kind of uniform they wear, I don't know what the teacher looked like, I don't know what Shinya's apartment is like. I pretty much don't see anything besides that Artifact and Alice. It's like a world of grey, with no one in it, and only Alice and the made outfit has some colour. I find this displeasing. V,V

Also, there is still a lot of "The girl wearing the maid outfit." I understand you wrote this a while ago, but if you ever decide to do a remake, consider the things I pointed out. Sorry if this sounds harsh.

Nonetheless, I must commend you for your well written first person POV. It's one of the best I have ever read. xDD
12/15/2013 c3 9kingofe3
Playing with his emotions was a cruel thing to do, which you written amazingly btw, but I'm glad Alice apologized for her actions. I feel everyone needs to loosen up a bit. Feel lots of sexual tension brimming in the air. (That was mostly likely a joke).
12/15/2013 c6 9cmaej
I'm glad that you didn't choose the "happily ever after" ending. You didn't seem like the author to do that, anyway. I was actually expecting a sad ending where Alice completely forgets her behavior and feelings for Shinya and goes home, leaving Shinya to curse the Artifact for screwing with his emotions. It really seemed like he was the bigger victim the whole time. I totally understand Shinya's resistance and his refusal to let an Artifact dictate who he falls in love with. I'm happy with this ending. It's not too sad, but it's still realistic.
12/15/2013 c19 3Katsurou Shimizu
*Refers back to earlier review.*

Ding! Ding! Now give me a ticket so that I can go on a date too.

Once more, symbolism playing a part in the reveal of Himeno being the humanoid artifact. Should have known *w*

All in all, good story that I've enjoyed marathoning through. Dialogue was entertaining (Though a tad overly formal at times for my liking, I blame Agatha Christie for this), the solutions for the cases were logically presented, and there are even some nice emotional moments that I didn't expect from Shinya.

BUT WHY ON EARTH IS YOUR ARC TITLE SO MISLEADING?! I didn't even get to see a date!


In all seriousness, good job. Best of luck with the update *w*b
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