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for I Shall Come

4/11/2017 c1 14DemigodessOfEternity
Haha! The beginning is lovely and kind f scary but the revelation is very funny. You personify writers' block SO WELL. I HATE YOU WRITERS' BLOCK. Great job!
4/5/2013 c1 1Rosezelene Ersa
uugghhh. writers block. portrays him to a t.
3/24/2013 c1 11Kay Iscah
Cute, but not fantasy. It's personification. I'd reconsider your genre.
12/16/2012 c1 Carrie
The ending was fantastic... as I was reading it, I wondered what this thing was that seems to haunt you... I also see this as a reflection of whatever may be plaguing the reader at the moment. From the first line, I had a thing in mind that was my own "writer's block"
12/13/2012 c1 6BenSparrow
Hhahaha, the end was extremely unexpected. But yes, that is a perfect example of the beast. :)

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