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for From Beginning to End Mini Stories

4/20/2014 c6 Le noir
I love your writings, hope to read something from Jake's perspective of when he woke up from the hoapital :)
2/12/2014 c6 hirokiri9
Can't wait for the sequel! I'm a bit nervous, honestly. From reading the prologue of the sequel, it feels like more drama is on it's way. Keep up the hard work! :D And these little stories were adorable. Thank you so much!
9/2/2013 c6 iluvodie
omg i love jake and crystal 3 just finished the first story last night and it had me in tears. lol. i can't wait to read more drabbles.
6/13/2013 c1 anon
I would love to see a chapter with Jake's perspective on the night involving his welcome back bash in NYC, Matt and Crystal please! :) Crystal always seems to get hurt when he's around (whether it be from Richard, the abortion or Matt) and it would be great to get some insight about how he feels about it all.
5/1/2013 c1 Holly
I love brenda
4/12/2013 c6 Rachael
I love these stories. Can you do one about Crystal and Jacob's first Halloween with Aiden? Or maybe both of their kids?
3/14/2013 c6 Mars
Heyyy I love this story! You should do a short story of that whole fighting period when Jacob finds out about Aiden, but from Jacob's point of view! :)
3/13/2013 c6 jiali
i love your writing! it's been a while since i last read long stories (30chapters) and FBTE was really the best i've read. My heart aches so much along with the characters.
Would really like to see more of them in high school (from Jake's POV!) like the part where they used to be okay friends but things turned weird as they grew up and how he felt about her at that time :)
2/9/2013 c6 9AKhwab
So many sweet things. I kinda wish that some action had occurred between them in High School. But alas, that's only possible in another universe.
2/9/2013 c5 AKhwab
This was a VERY GOOD chapter. I could practically FEEL her anger.
2/9/2013 c4 AKhwab
Wonderful chapter. Very expressive :)
2/9/2013 c3 AKhwab
I honestly think this was WAY better than Chapter Eight of From Beginning to End which was in her perspective.
2/9/2013 c2 AKhwab
This was nice. Sweet.
2/3/2013 c6 naz292
Thank you so much for the lovely chapter! It wad amazing. I loved. It was definitely worth the wait!
2/2/2013 c6 5Lionblaze and Jayfeather
Wow, I am speechless. It was beautiful! Each time I cannot believe my eyes when I'm reading a new chapter of yours. There's so much talent hidden all over the chapter that its just crazy!
I don't know how you manage to do that, but somehow it always feels right, what they do, what they say and what happens.
You're wonderful! And that was a very good chapter. The word good isn't strong enough, though.
Hope I will get to read more soon!
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