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for Visitor in the Night

7/8/2015 c3 1firefox vixen
10/31/2013 c3 yellow1105
Thank you for the update. It is a nice story. Hope you will add more to this story.
10/23/2013 c3 Starryeye
I loved the update! Just wish there was more of them , more frequently!
10/23/2013 c2 MB
Humans are so clueless.
10/23/2013 c1 Guest
Long live Fairy Washing Liquid :)
10/23/2013 c3 marginal-utility
Yes, Samuel its very bad manners to eat someone on their birthday! ;)
5/16/2013 c2 marginal-utility
Wouldn't mind having a vampire like that visit me lol
5/16/2013 c1 marginal-utility
Meep? :D
3/21/2013 c2 Guest
are you going to finish this ? please do !
3/8/2013 c2 Guest
a bit different but fun, looking forward to seeing where you take it,
2/14/2013 c2 Guest
2/12/2013 c1 Guest
1/25/2013 c2 3AudenJayy
I am loving this so far!
1/24/2013 c2 starryeyeddaydreamer9
Loved Daniels insight ! Update again soon please! Can't wait till the actual story kicks in
1/5/2013 c1 starryeyeddaydreamer9
I like it ! Why can't a human see him ? Update soon!
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