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7/26/2016 c83 Akila
This was a brilliant story! I loved it!
5/3/2014 c83 Superhuman
A really strong first volume for the story, and it leaves a foundation to build on, especially with the little cliffhanger on Rika's decision. I enjoyed the chapter, and the story, I really would love to see another volume, Rika is probably one of your best characters to date. Still, if you can't write it, you can't write it, and given that this entire universe is built on The Champions, I agree that it should take precedence.
2/22/2014 c4 Americaiuno
I really like this chapter!
11/28/2013 c55 4FallenCrest
Love the Greek mythology mixed with modern day life. Please continue to update!
11/23/2013 c55 Superhuman
That was just... brilliant. I LOVED Rika making that bitch squirm xD anyways I'm off to extensively prepare for the Doctor Who 50th, happy wriying!
11/9/2013 c53 Niall Stephens
'October huwha?' I creased. That was genuinely hilarious. I love the way you've represented Hades and Rika's confrontation here, especially the fear, seeing as she can't do anything against him. Dick move by Artemis, mind, pulling off the 'run home to Daddy'. Thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, and Rika's constant resistance to Artemis is even hurting ME by this point, and not because I'm a perv either.
Anyways, my review for The Champions ended up missing a lot because the touchpad on my laptop is incredibly sensitive, and the cursor just so happened to be centred on the 'post review' button, so here is an expansion:
I enjoyed the relationship development between Athena and Granite, and the conversation that jessica and Susan had seemed like a welcome change of pace to me, and Martha at the end, hilarious moment. I very much approve of the Greeks on the team, they seem like finer and finer additions with each passing chapter, and while they cannot serve as replacements for those lost, they make great characters all the same.
11/2/2013 c51 Niall Stephens
Well, looks like somebody has taken yet another level in badass, beating on mythical creatures and whatnot, not really caring about being whipped. Enjoyed this one, hopefully we can see some more substantial fights in the next chapter, and I can't wait for the inevitable boss fight xD
10/26/2013 c48 DyingDemon
Really like the story so far. Just came across it recently. Can't wait to read more
10/19/2013 c47 Niall Stephens
Good set-up is good. An arc in the greek underworld, should be fun, especially if mythological figures pop up.
10/6/2013 c45 4Nyx'sReincarnation
Amazing chapter! Funny how my sort-of guess about Athena was sort of right. I think I like this story more than the other one, mostly because it just focuses on one person.
I guess there's always trouble for Rika in one way or another. It makes for an interesting read though. Hmmm. I wonder who's going to die next? Killing off characters seems to be a hobby of yours. ;)
Again, you've got a fan.
Keep up the amazing work! :)
Tarah xXx
9/1/2013 c38 1ChakorReulle
I love this story it's awesome actually awesome is an understatement can't wait for chap 39
8/28/2013 c37 1Kotov Syndrome
Ooh, things are heatin' up! Can't wait to read more!
5/3/2013 c19 1hotwinglover
How would they have known that Rika was Aegis if she used her powers? They don't know that Aegis has force field powers.
4/20/2013 c18 hotwinglover
I don't like how Aegis's life is spilling into Rika's. Or vice versa.
4/14/2013 c1 InfiniteMaze
I liked your super hero story! The first chapter is a very good opener, and now I have 16 more chapters to read!
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