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for The First Measure of a Concerto

1/22/2019 c2 zagato
This is a great and lovely story, thank you!
5/8/2013 c2 Lady R
Wow! I can't remember if you had explain why Eden and Helena had a falling out in their relationship in your other stories. Despite Helena's situation with her family, things still look blissful for the couple. I'm thinking your next update will allow us to see how things managed to go awry.

Love the snippet of Dixie and Landon. And of course, it had to have them facing more drama. Life is never without it drama However bleak this may be though, I can't help to root for them. I'm seem not able to let them go either. LOL Looking forward to your next update.
1/9/2013 c1 hiraeth
It was nice
1/10/2013 c1 Lady R
What a different Helena and Viktor here. I love it! Can't wait for the next update.

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