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for The Sky Under the Sea

8/7/2013 c2 Ash135
Good story, can't wait for more:)
7/12/2013 c2 Angelbaby1991
Awesome Ch! Loved IT! Looking forward to reading more. Update Soon! Please!
7/11/2013 c2 bittersweetwords
Wow I really liked this beginning. I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope you continue it!
7/11/2013 c2 2renegade01
Interesting new characters. I don't think Silas will be able to resist for long... ;-)
5/28/2013 c1 t.m.ifangirl4
Wow that was amazing please update soon!
4/1/2013 c1 Guest
Update soon please I like where its going to far
1/13/2013 c1 Lerato
Oh my! I want to know what happens next! Ahh good job!
1/13/2013 c1 renegade01
wow...what a way to begin a story ;) i'm captivated already.
1/12/2013 c1 Angelbaby1991
WOW! Great Ch! I Can't wait to read more.
Update Soon! Please!
1/12/2013 c1 6dharney-barney
oh wow this is prettyy dark but i kind of like it, i hope you continue it

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