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11/2/2020 c1 Guest
WOW! 5 STARS Riveting and profoundly visual, Alasdair . My heart breaks for that poor kid. Too bad he didn't know that Free Will means that the " gods" step out and allow us free reign taking them out of the equation and not to blame. Probably a shithead later move but there it is. Stupendously proud of you
1/26/2013 c1 9Infected Beliefs
Fantastic writing. I love dark fantasy (and the little tidbits of cross-world references; The CIA? Funny). I loved the line, " A voice of the legs of cockroaches sliding over the dirt of the grave." Top notch stuff.

Would you ever consider (if you have not done so already) continuing the story of The Dark Dragon of Terras? I imagine you could make a horrifyingly brutal and delightful epic out of it, if it ever peaked your fancy.

None the less, thank you so much for the thuroughly enjoyable read!

Good Luck


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