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1/12/2014 c1 Fate
AKA Still the friend who is still a terrible number one fan but is trying to be better.


Okay, so I took the pills like an hour ago, but they haven’t kicked in yet and really, what else am I going to do? So I guess I lied about not leaving a second review, because here I am.

Oh, I’m starting to feel tired. Well, let’s get this done.

Life update: See Chapter 15 review.

Royce is such a cutie. Ugh. I just really want them to get back together. And I’m actually, genuinely concerned that they won’t because I REMEMBER that you said this might be a story that doesn’t have that happy ending for the couple or whatever and it just makes me so upset because I’m supposed to know that THERE WILL BE A HAPPY ENDING and I just don’t and I can’t with this story. It hurts me.

Elle is so confused. HE’S KISSING YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU AND HE WANTS YOU BACK. THAT’S WHY HE’S KISSING YOU. HE’S HAPPY YOU KISSED HIM. If this were a TV show, I’d be screaming at the television in frustration. SHE DOESN’T GET IT.

I keep getting distracted by my RP blog. Oops. In my defense, there’s cuteness and angst and I just can’t stay away from that. But that’s what’s in your chapter, so I shall keep going! Or at least, I think that’s what’s in your chapter.

She wanted to kick him under the table and I would have laughed so hard if she had. It would’ve been wonderful and hilarious and ohgosh.

Blonde hair that’s dyed to hide his age. I think it’s the drugs because I’m way more amused by that than I should be. Like it’s not a funny detail, but I’m so very amused. I really should go to bed but I guess I might as well finish this. Unless it’s midnight. I’ll go to bed before midnight. Tis my goal.

“Ellie-Bean” LIKE JELLY BEAN. I GET IT. Tired me is so amused by your pun, you have no idea. I need more puns. Can this just be a whole chapter of puns? That would be great. But cute/angst is good too. I’m just happy with whatever. I’m not too terribly picky! Ooh, I’m rambling. Back to the chapter!

Okay, so like Victoria is the name of the really awful, bitchy, evil woman that Emily is plotting against in Revenge, so right now that’s all I can think of. Even though your Victoria is blonde and that Victoria has black hair, but it’s still what I’m thinking of.

“Anna-Banana” Not as good as “Ellie-Bean” but still great. I’m so tired and so amused. I feel like this review is going to get very incoherent very soon.

WHY IS SHE APOLOGIZING FOR THE MAKE OUT? He liked it; I’m sure she liked it. I wanted to be her. Everything is all good. …I need a date, man.

HE’S NERVOUS! How cute. Is he going to chicken out? Ohmygod, what if he doesn’t chicken out but then she freaks? IS THAT WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN. SAM I SWEAR TO GOD! DON’T DO THIS TO ME. I guess I should read and find out, huh?


“We had a routine.” My shipper heart just broke. Because now I don’t know if she likes him because he’s freaking awesome with her or if she likes him because it was convenient and I bet she doesn’t know either and just… YOU SUCK. You’re a jerk! Remember when that was a thing? Apparently tired me does. You. Are. A. Jerk!

Fake dating is totally the right path to real dating if you’re living in a sitcom. Hell, this isn’t even a sitcom and I don’t even care I just want them to date!


Her mother should not affect her dating life so much and I think she needs to realize this.

She broke Royce’s heart and you broke mine. Maybe Royce and I can put our hearts back together. Yes, I like this plan. It’s a good plan.

It’s weird that she said, “My dad.” Felt very Lupita-like. But then again, Patrick is her half-brother, so it was totally normal, just really weird to read

You know, I think Victoria should like the “spawn of his ex-wife’s infidelity” considering that she wouldn’t be dating Toni if it we’re for the aforementioned infidelity.

Sibling banter!

It’s weird that Patrick is like our age.

“She’s kind of a bummer.” Omg! That’s hilarious.

Fun fact: My playlist has come full circle and now I’m jamming out to Party in the USA again.

“She’s got all of those emotions, and I’ve got a lot of stupid ideas.” I HAVE NEVER READ A MORE ACCURATE DEPICTION OF A HIGH SCHOOL COUPLE. I know they’re not a high school couple but they are close enough, man!

Patrick is a sweetie-pie. He makes for a very good little brother. I like it!

“avoiding my problems until I felt ready to face them” Sounds like Ella needs tumblr. It would be good for that. Tumblr is why I’m so incredibly unproductive. Sigh.

Okay, so it’s almost 11:40, but I just finished reading the whole chapter. A/N included! Go me!

You uploaded this chapter shortly after NaNo and I just feel so behind. But now I’m only two chapters away from being caught up, so whoo! Although, now I’m going to have homework and I have my own chapter to write, which I’ve been putting off. Sigh.

Anyways, I still miss your face and can’t wait to skype with you. Have fun moving in! (Sarcasm not intended.)

Fun fact: Every time I typed ‘Final word count’, I want to comment on whatever number it ends up being, but I can’t because then it would mess up the final word count. First world problems, man. Especially if it’s a nice, round number. Or if it was super close to being a nice, round number. (Sometimes, I go in and add a few words to make it a more pleasing number to my OCD. XD)

Okay, sleep time! G’night.

Final word count: 1,090
1/12/2014 c1 Fate
AKA The World’s Worst Number One Fan, who had an entire freaking month to catch up on your stories, but didn’t because she’s a lazy whore.

But I’m in a mood, so I thought maybe reading your chapter would be good for me. Plus, it’ll be a nice surprise for you later.


I am four chapters behind, ugh.

Life update: YOU’RE IN FLORIDA NOW. And you haven’t had internet since you left, basically, and now I don’t know what to do with myself and I don’t like it. I WAS SOMEWHAT PRODUCTIVE. And it was so very strange. I started some of my iCourse homework. I also bought my books. And changed one of my classes. (The new semester starts tomorrow.) It’s the first time I have all my classes without you and I don’t like it. It makes me sad. But on some cheerier notes: Lupes and I are planning to visit you in Florida. We’re also going to go to Tuscon this weekend to see Vinnie and Cece. And I have the Night Vale live show coming up, plus the Imagine Dragons concert! So it’ll be a decent semester, I think.

Oh! And I also drove me, Lupes, and Denise back to Tempe in my new (to me) car for the first time. NO ONE DIED. Whoo.

And on a really random note: I’ve randomly started collecting nail polish, so that’s a new habit I’ve gotten into.

Also, Lupita has class late tomorrow so I think I might film my first FiT video. Idk. Maybe.

Wow. Can you tell we’ve hardly talked in a few days? I can. Okay. I can chat with you tomorrow (hopefully- as long as the wifi in your new dorm place thing is working and you have some spare time and I’m not passed out after class) so it’s time to review!

OH. WAIT. Tomorrow I have class with Audrey and Louis so I actually have people I know in my class. Weird.


“I hopped into the shower” is how this starts and Idk, but my brain just went, “I hopped off a plane at L.A.X. with a dream and my cardigan.” So that’s a fun start to your chapter.

You wrote that his hair hadn’t been taken care of this morning and now I’m picture him with bed head and I AM DYING FROM THE CUTE OHGOSH.

Destiny just texted me to ask when I get back here. I had to tell her I’m here now. Sigh. Also, I’m now hunting down Party in the USA on Spotify so I can jam out while I read.

And now you’re texting me because I asked you to help me pick a face claim for a new RP character. My attention span is much too short, man.

Royce just walked in, looked at Ella, and then slammed the bedroom door. Someone’s in a mood! And I would know!

I JUST WANT THEM TO GET BACK TOGETHER. Like ugh. Why are they so cute in my head? Like, I can literally not read your story for a month and then jump back in and I’m just shipping them all over again. I hate you. (But that means you’re doing it right. XD)

“She was always the “make it work” kind of person not the “let it go” type.” You said “let it go” and I laughed. There’s another phrase that’s ruined for us. XD

I stopped review for a second to find you a new link for the third Sherlock episode and my livestream glitched earlier, so now I’m rewatching the first few minutes of the episode and just… sigh. My attention span is aggravating.

Ella’s relationship with her mother makes me really sad. I feel it though. My grandma is much too invested in my and James. Like… no guy will ever be good enough, I don’t think. Which isn’t exactly Elle’s problem, but I still feel her on the ‘family too much in her business’ aspect of it.

I want to make out with Royce. Ahem.

Omg. Her mother! “Aaron is wonderful, too.” THAT’S GOING TO BE MY GRANDMA WITH JAMES. I think I’m going to just go die, now. …well, I’ll wait until I’m done with this review. Then I’ll go die.

YES. If I can’t make out with Royce, Elle’s a good second for it.

AAAAWWW. He’s looking at her with puppy eyes again! Or at least that’s what I’m picturing. Ugh. Cuties.

Her dad never like Royce? I don’t know why, but I find that hilarious. Especially since they just had an intense makeout session in front of her brother. Like, ohgosh now I’m cracking up. This is just great.

lol. Family togetherness.

I got distracted by my RP blog. Literally all I have to do is read you’re A/N and I got distracted. WHAT THE HELL, SELF? Sigh.

I got to the end of you author’s note and you uploaded this during NaNo and now I feel even worse about how far behind I’ve fallen because holy crap it’s January now which makes this chapter like two months old and I AM TERRIBLE.

I went to check facebook to see if you were still watching Sherlock (I’m guessing you are) and I got distracted for like five minutes and just DAMMIT, SELF.

I AM ALMOST DONE REVIEWING AND I WILL FINISH THIS TONIGHT SO YOU CAN SEE IT. Even if you don’t look at it until tomorrow or whatever it will be done tonight! At least, it will be done tonight in Arizona time and if I finish it within fifteen minutes, it will be done tonight in Florida time too! Go, go, go! Type like the wind, self!

Anyways, I actually kind of want to read the next chapter but I also want to go to bed early because class so now I am conflicted, but I think what I shall do is see what time it is once my jammies and shit are on and then I’ll decide if I can stay up long enough to write a review. But I’m going to take drugs to help me sleep (I bought more z-quil, yaaaay), so maybe it’ll be an odd review.

ENJOY FLORIDA. No rush on the update! Chat soon and maybe we can skype and see your face because I MISS IT. (I swear, I haven’t taken the pills yet.)

Final word count: 1,074
12/20/2013 c1 Fate
AKA your terrible, horrible number one fan. (Honestly, why do I have this title? ((Because it’s mine and no one else can have it. NO ONE.)) Ahem…)


I don’t know why I keep writing that in caps. But it seems to be a pattern. So I guess I’ll keep it up.

It is 8:47pm. Let’s see how quickly I can get this done.

Life update: See chapter 13 review. Oh. Shania made fudge today. It’s delicious. I just ate a piece. That’s not a life update, but I wanted to share.

“This place is bangin’.” The idea that you wrote that sentence is incredibly strange to me, because for the life of I cannot picture you saying it. Ever.

I feel like I’ve read waaaay too much fanfiction, because I’m expecting this to be like, ‘Plot twist: Ella falls for the stripper’ OR ‘Plot twist: Ella knows the stripper’, but of which have been the plots for fanfictions that I’ve come across in the past.

I forget that Trish is 19 sometimes. DUDE. We’re nineteen. We weren’t when you wrote this for your NaNo, but now we are. OH, MAN, WE’RE ALMOST TWENTY. Stop it, brain. Shut up.

So I’m guessing Anna does not have a baby on board. :p

I have an RP I need to reply in and I just got distracted trying to come up with a response for a solid ten minutes. DAMMIT, SELF.

I’m still genuinely expecting Ella to know the stripper- like it’s going to be Aaron or something weird and I wish my brain would cut that out.

The google game is crossword puzzle today. And if that doesn’t speak volumes about my attention span, then I don’t know what does.

Trish is so sad. I can’t imagine having a baby right now. That’s literally the most terrifying thought. BABIES ARE SO FRAGILE. I don’t care what people say about ‘maternal instinct’. HAVE YOU MET ME? I’m going to drop a baby one day, I just know it. And it’ll probably be my baby. Ugh. No babies for me. No. None. And I won’t be holding anyone else’s babies until they’re not babies, they’re toddlers.

lol. I almost feel like the stripper purposely waited until Anna was drunk to pull her up on stage. That’s hilarious.

Ella did not know the stripper. This was not fanfiction. Definitely not. XD But seriously, I was expecting it to take that turn even though I knew it wouldn’t. I need to read more novels and less fanfics.

Why is tumblr so distracting? Dammit…

At first I was like, ‘Why doesn’t someone just walk Ella to her room?’ but then I remember that her cabin is like super far away and no one wants to walk that far and I don’t blame them at all. Especially not in the cold. With a drunk girl. Both of those things sound like a terrible combination.

“1 pm” You mean that’s not morning…? My whole life is a lie! :0

Aaron just gave me gay vibes. Which is weird, because normally I’m a conflicted shipper, but nope. Definitely gave me gay vibes just now.

He’s so nice, though. Like ‘Let me just let these drunk girls that I’m not really all that close to crash in my bed for the night. No big deal. I have a couch.’ WHO DOES THAT? Apparently, Aaron.


Oh, look. It’s like I’m actually reading your stories again or something. lol



Oooh… a Royce chapter… tempting. Very tempting. But no, I need to write my own chapter. Maybe on another day.

Fun fact: The chapter list directory thing shows that the chapters are private. So it displays like, ‘Chapter 14 – Loose private’ which was very confusing at first before I figured out why.

Oh! It’s 9:32 and I’m done reading the chapter, so even with my multiple distractions (still haven’t replied to that RP), I managed to finish reading in less than an hour! Go, me!

It’s not even ten pm, so you’re going to have two reviews from me in your inbox when you get back! Wow, it’s been forever since you’ve had that. (Seriously, I am the worst fan and friend ever, jeeze…)

I have this feeling the next chapter is just going to be full of feels and I’m so not ready for it, even though I definitely have the time to read and review. It’s going to be a good chapter (they’re all, always good chapters, but I’m not ready).

I don’t know when I’ll read the next few chapters, but I will. And it’s not going to take me two months! But if it does, you can punch me the next time you see me. Which will not be for a while, but you still reserve the right to punch me, if I’m this terrible with the next two chapters.

Well, I hope you had fun playing sims and that you’ve enjoyed my reviews and that YOU’RE HAPPY WITH ALL THE FEELS YOU HAVE CAUSED ME. (I think tumblr has made more prone to caps. Or maybe it’s just because I haven’t reviewed in ages and I haven’t yelled at you via reviews in a very long time.)

I still have to reply to that RP, so I guess I’m going to do that. (Oh, look, the girl went to bed. lol, my bad.)

Word count: 991

Oh, I can’t leave it at that.

Count: 1000.
12/20/2013 c1 Fate

Holy shit balls, I haven’t reviewed in ages. I am a terrible friend and I am so sorry. THE CHAPTER 12 REVIEW WAS POSTED ON OCTOBER 8TH. It has been over two months. OVER TWO MONTHS. I am so sorry about this.

Life update:
I have a new car! :D Which is really nice and exciting, if a little bank-breaking. Um… I’ve made friends with Buddy and we actually hang out and stuff. I have a college friend, Sam! Look at me go. YOU GOT IN TO DCP. Which happened after my last review so CONGRATS. You’re leaving in less than a month and then I won’t see you until August which will be super weird. You finished NaNo early for the first time ever and I finished without using any homework at all, so yay for both of us! Lupes got over her crush on Ben AND JESS’S PARENTS ARE TRYING TO SET HER UP WITH JONATHAN AND IT’S THE FUNNIEST THING ON THIS PLANET LATELY. And Destiny is dating Jesse. And as per usual, we know nothing about Denise’s life. So hopefully I’m not forgetting anything, but that’s the life update. Oh! I might be done with chemo but everything is always a lie, so we’ll see. I have a doctor’s appointment on the 20th of January and if it’s over, I’m getting my ear pierced again. Whoo. Okay, that should be it for the life update. Onto the chapter!

Dammit, I haven’t even started reading and I’m already distracted. Okay. Focus. Foooocuuuus. I’ve got this.

Whoa, first person. For some reason I forgot that that’s what you normally use. I’ve been writing/reading a lot of 3rd lately. Okay. I probably forgot since I HAVEN’T READ IN TWO MONTHS, UGH.

You’re talking to me on facebook, which is slightly distracting but not as bad as normal.

Their mom is so bitchy. I mean, not like Charlie’s mom kind of awful bitchy, but still not really pleasant. I don’t like her. I think you said there will be character development there or something about her being less awful in the future, so that will be nice.

Good for Anna for not caving under her mother’s judgment!

You just left to play Sims, so hopefully I can knock this review out before you come back. Maybe a second one, but I am me, so I highly doubt that.

Ooooh, Anna might be pregnant! That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s true… I don’t know if it’ll be good or not if it is. Like… I feel like Ella thinks it means they don’t love each other as much as they claim to, but even if she’s pregnant, she and Drew could still be madly in love! The pregnancy wouldn’t have to undermine their feelings.

Royce is so adorable. I like him. I can totally picture him brushing the snow out of his hair and it’s the CUTEST THING, MAN. Why do you do this to me?

This has turned into the awkward, “I want you to be happy but I still love you,” conversation between exes and I’ve had it about two hundred times, so I totally know how frustrating and awkward it is and I feel really bad for Ella right now.

“No, you’re much more than that.” I’M DYING FROM THE CUTE. This conversation took a turn for the less awkward. Yay! :D

Goddammit, I’m almost done with this chapter and I got distracted. I freakin’ hate being me.


HE FITS IN WITH HER FAMILY. UGH, WHY? It reminds me of HIMYM and Lilly’s ‘front porch test’, where she would break up Ted’s relationships if she couldn’t picture herself, Marshall, Ted, and the girlfriend on a porch together in fifty years. (The summary is for future us, who are probably watching HIMYM reruns on Nick at Night instead of Friends reruns. :0 Weird.) Anyways, they’re not the same thing, but that’s totally what I thought of.

“This story has a foreseeable end and I want this one finished before November (NaNoWriMo) starts!” Ha. Hahaha. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Omg. I’m far too amused by this, but well… sorry, Sam. No such luck for you.

Ooooh, the fanart on the side is very neat. I like it. Not that that’s much of a compliment to you, so it really doesn’t need to be in this review and I should probably just stop talking. Good job, self. Good job.

This review feels super short, but I didn’t make a whole lot of comments because I was trying to read without getting too terribly distracted, because well… I am me. So that’s always a gigantic pain. Why are you my friend? Idk, but you’re awesome, because I don’t think I could be friends with myself.

On a somewhat random note, I finished this review about half an hour after you went to play sims, so I did manage to (mostly) sit down and get my shit together in order to do this. Good for me! Half an hour might be a record for me! Even though it was basically half done before you left… Shhh. Let’s not talk about that.

Anyways, I think I’m going to try to get the next chapter read and reviewed, but even if I get terribly distracted, you at least have one review to read and probably laugh at! Maybe… I hope. I don’t know. Hopefully this is good.

I don’t know how to end this, because ‘update soon’ is pointless for multiple reasons. You just updated (CC, but still an update) and I’m super behind. So… adios, I guess!

Final word count: 956.

Okay, I can’t have that. It’s got to be four digits. I don’t know when that became a rule, but it did. We can talk about how freaking cute Royce is. Because aaaah. He like asked her out on a date, but without making it an official date and that was just the most adorable thing. Ugh. I’M SO MAD BECAUSE I’M NOT ACTUALLY SURE THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING AND YOU SUCK FOR THAT. You’re supposed to be the one who writes all the happy, fluffy stories where everything works out for everyone in the end. I’m not supposed to wonder if they’ll get together! And I hate you for this. I’m influencing you! Nooo! D:

Okay. I hit 1K and I did it by talking about something relevant to the chapter! Go me! Whoo!

(Actual) final word count: 1,100.
10/8/2013 c1 Fate
AKA The Laziest Number One Fan Ever


Alrighty. So I wanted to read some fanfiction instead of being productive but I don’t have a fandom in mind and I thought to myself, ‘Bitch, you still haven’t read Sam’s chapters,’ so here I am, leaving a guest review on fictionpress as I read on wattpad for the first time. I don’t like wattpad’s format, but I totes understand because plagiarism sucks. So yeah. Here I am, not doing homework but leaving a review that shall hopefully cheer you up or some such, I don’t even know. I’m just gonna shut up and read now, ‘kay?

Omg, I almost forgot the life update for our future selves. Can you tell it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed? I can. Anyways! I finished another month of chemo. We’re all in college. I don’t see you as much as I would like, but I have class with you twice a week and I see you when we’re like ‘Sam! Stay the night with us because we’re awesome and we miss your face!’ We’re making friends and such. Ben is recently singled and Lupes needs to get on that, but she probs won’t, because she refuses to ask dudes out. (She could honestly have all the boys if she would make the first move.) Classes don’t suck yet and NaNo is around the corner and I’m excited and horrified at the same time. Whoo.

Glasses? Like hipster glasses? Because I have this really awesome friend who has a thing for those. :p


“You’ll always be Dell to me.” Is this adorable? Is it sad? I CAN’T DECIDE.

I suddenly remember why I’ve been putting this off. So many feels. D:

Royce is jealous of the ten year old with the bouncy castle. I mean, I know Aaron isn’t ten anymore, but honestly that’s basically all the grounds Royce has to go off of. And the fact that Aaron is flirting now but he was jealous beforehand and this is just super cute, ugh.

“She looked just as good as before.” GET ON THAT BOY, ELLE. MARRY HIM.

“I know it sucks eating by yourself.” She’s such a sad little person, isn’t she? But I know that feeling, girl. I get it.

Aww. He asked the waitress to eat with him. That’s adorable. Ugh, why are you making it easy to like him? Not cool, Sam. Not cool.

Lacey! The one who reminded me of Lupes way back when I first started reading this. When was that? I’m going to look at the publish date. PRE-CANCER DAYS. I thought so, but it also didn’t seem right, but at the same time I was pretty sure you had to take a hiatus, thanks to my unfortunate month and a half.

I love Lacey. Like seriously, Elle, why aren’t you in the shower with that hot boy?

I went to c/p a quote into the review because I’m a lazy whore and then I went, ‘Right. Wattpad. That’s exactly why I’m reading this here.’ Anyways, “I thought he was all sad that you were gone, but then I realized that he just sleeps a lot.” lol. Lacey is seriously great. I wish we had more of her. But we’d be lacking in hot boys if we did… Decisions, decisions.

“No Russian forces have attacked the fort, captain.” LACEY IS DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE.

You just messaged me about your amazon plagiarism troubles and I am sorry and I hope this review about your awesome chapter and awesome characters and your general awesomeness makes you feel at least marginally better. YOU ARE AWESOME.

BOYS DRIPPING WATER ARE SUPER HOT. Like plus twenty right there. 7/10 would probs bang.

Royce got Bruno? Has this been addressed before? I don’t remember! But it’s cute either way. Royce is cute. I like him.

Oh, so Royce didn’t get Bruno. He just helped Elle get Bruno back. What a nice sir! He’s great.


I don’t blame her for wanting her dog back right that minute. I have a panic attack every time Baby Cat gets out of the yard. He’s my baby. What if he gets hit by a car? Or attacked by a dog? Or drowns in the river? OH GOD WHY AM I THINKING THIS?

He carried Bruno to her. Props to him. Four for you, Royce! You go, Royce!

Royce: Saving dogs, getting dates, you know the usual Friday night activities. XD

Aww. We get to see the nickname origin. THIS IS AN ADORABLE MEETING.

Tumblr has taught me to abuse caps. My apologies for the copious amounts found in the review.

So it’s like 12:20 and you talked about going to bed (it’s a school night) and I just went, ‘Nope. Review’s coming.’ So you have this to look forward to now and I procrastinate American Losers and Poetry homework like the terrible student I am.

I like how she defies the stereotype. She’s an antisocial, cynical, introvert but she has a dog and not a cat. Good for her!

Well, I’m not so far behind now! And this chapter was super cute. I would read the next one but it’s late, we’re both tired, and I put off homework to read this one. Which is only fair, I suppose, because you put off homework to write it.

This review started off really long like it was four hundred words and I was only on page one but the more into the chapter I got, the less I started commenting which I suppose is good because it means the chapter was really good.

Alrighty, yeah. I don’t have anything else to say. No ‘update soon’ because a) I’m behind and b) you just updated, so there’s no need to update soon. In fact, feel free to take a nice long break until I catch up. (I’m kidding… kind of.) And also, holy crap NaNo is soon so maybe you should update soon so you don’t have to stress next month, I don’t even know. It’s up to you. I miss writing, but I do not miss updating. XD

Alright, adios!

Final word count: 1,038
10/5/2013 c1 foreternity
thank you for still uploading it on a more secure site so we can still enjoy your stories! :) hope no more plagiarism affects you :$
10/5/2013 c1 Guest
I'm sorry you have been plagiarized, so a big thank you for uploading it on another site. I've been looking forward to new chapters.
9/25/2013 c8 Guest
Great job on these connections! I've kinda forgotten about Dell's habit of eating Chinese food on Wednesdays.

I didn't think about Royce's words triggering her memory of their breakup. I figured she dreamed about it because they were sleeping so close together, so it was his presence that was the trigger instead.
9/25/2013 c5 Guest
I love lazy dogs, well, more like dogs who look lazy. So the English bulldog and the Basset hound have always been my faves :)
9/25/2013 c13 mylittleprincess
next chapter please.
9/25/2013 c13 9AKhwab
This chapter was pleasant. The reasons Trish put forth seem legitimate. I feel you need to develop her character more because as of now, she doesn't sound like a 19 year-old. She sounds like someone nuch much older.
9/9/2013 c12 AKhwab
Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS for all those awards you have won at SKoW. I think you won three of them? Great job! Anyway, about this chapter, I enjoyed it. It was pleasant. Thank you :)
9/3/2013 c11 30Fate Rose
HOLY SHIT BALLS, THIS CHAPTER HAS BEEN UP FOR TWO WEEKS AND I HAVEN’T REVIEWED. Okay, well here I am reviewing. Lupita and I just found out that she got the go to move in tomorrow so we’ll be living together and it’s weird, but cool. College has been going for a while. I’m having issues sorting things out with my doctor and I had a not date thing with that nurse guy. Also, I hung out with a non-high school friend. Buddy and I had coffee. Go me! Being social and stuff. Whoo.

Hopefully I can knock this review out before you go to bed. I want to get to sleep before midnight (lol). So yeah. I should get to it!

Hanging out with any of Shania’s boyfriends sounds really weird and awkward, so I bet a car ride with Drew was unusual.

Sisters being friendly are so cute.

Jet lag, gross. AmazingPhil did a video about that. Future us: Are Dan and Phil still youtubing? Are we still watching? Are we youtubing? Have we met them? Are these questions silly at this future point in time? Probably.

Her mom runs? Gross, exercise. Good for her, I suppose. Although, yeah it’s a bit sad that her future brother in law knows more about her mother’s habits than she does.

We’re now facebook chatting about Lupes and I living together.

Drew has parents. Right. I don’t know why, but it just slipped my mind that he doesn’t have any family at this shindig. Does he have any siblings? I feel like this came up before, but I don’t know. I’m guessing no, because that one dude (his boss?) is his best man.

Aww! Elle approves of her future bro. Cute.

She just threw some pants in the cart? She didn’t need to like try them on and sob a few times or anything? What a foreign concept.


lol. She didn’t recognize him. XD Not that I blame her. If it weren’t for Drew, he probably wouldn’t have recognized her either.

‘Aaron’. I don’t know what it is about that name, but I have yet to meet anyone who actually goes by that name.

BUYING UNDERWEAR AND SEEING BOYS YOU KNOW IS THE WORST THING EVER. And it really shouldn’t be, but ohgod, it is. …no, this didn’t happen to me. I don’t know what you’re talking about, nope. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN, WE DON’T DISCUSS IT.

Ah, yep. ‘That other dude’ is his boss. So I shall continue with the assumption that Drew does not have brothers, at the very least. Probably no siblings at all.

Hearing her talk about her childhood friend being her brother’s boss just makes me feel like… well, “It’s a small world after all.”

“I’ll handle the bachelor party plans.” lol. I mean, he is the best man. That’s part of the job description, right? Should’ve picked a different dude if you didn’t want crazy time, Drew. Make better life choices, kid.

Elle seems really chill. Like, ‘Don’t care how hard you party. Whateves, man.’

“Strippers! There will be strippers everywhere!” AND I HAVE FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE LINE.

Awkward parents in car moment.

“high classed ten year old” This might be my new favorite phrase. lol.

I like Aaron so far. I don’t want to like him, but I do. Damn you. Damn you and your likable characters.

I feel like her mom just went, “Rich kid. My daughter’s age. BE FRIENDS.” It’s like she tried to ‘Mrs. Bennet’ the situation. XD (Lizzie Bennet/P&P reference, in case our future selves are confused.)

Honestly, Aaron is interesting. And totally hot in my brain. I hate you. I love you, but I hate you.

“That means I get to walk you down the aisle then?” Ahahahahahahaha. Also, I just had flashbacks to Denise being my walking partner at graduation. So. Many. Wedding. Jokes. lol


He reminds me of Blake. Because of the like… mysterious thing he’s got going on here. And I like it. I do not want to like it, not one bit, but I really do.

“I'm kind of letting my characters off the leash and I'm just chasing them around trying to write this story. That's how this is going…” The amount I relate to this sentence is absurd. But also, it’s such an accurate representation. I laughed, but was like… sobbing on the inside, you know? You know.

I forgive you for not updating for two weeks if you forgive me for not reviewing for just as long. Deal? Deal. Sounds like a plan.

So anyways, I started this review at 11:40 pm and it’s now 12:00 am exactly, so it took me an hour and twenty minutes to do this. I got distracted by an episode of Welcome to Night Vale (only five minutes, but still), Lupita and I discussing roommate things and surprise at this development, chatting with you on Facebook, tumblr, Spotify, tumblr again, my email, and my suitemates laughing at anime in the living room. This is why I never get anything productive done. My attention span is that short. Gah.

And at this point I’m just rambling, because this review has an unofficial minimum of a thousand words and I’m not quite there yet.

I don’t know if I want to ship Elle and Aaron, but they have some cute chemistry. But if I remember correctly, Elle and Royce have good chemistry too. But it’s been like a month since I read the chapter before this (or close to a month) so I have forgotten. Ah, the pains of being busy again. Sigh, college.

I feel like you don’t even know if you should ship Elle and Royce or Elle and Aaron. I feel that pain. What would their ship names be? I’m too tired to even try. Maybe I’ll think about them in the next review. (Remember when I wanted to be in bed by midnight? lol.)

REACHED MY GOAL, YES. Adios, see you soon (today, technically), and update whenever!

Final word count: 1,023
8/20/2013 c11 mylittleprincess
update more please i love this story.
8/19/2013 c11 1funnechick
I don't know if this is a good thing, but this new addition has certainly made things interesting and I really, REALLY like him! Royce just hasn't been doing it for me lately, lol.

And yay for college.. Besides finals, it's totally awesome! :)
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