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3/24/2013 c3 23TheForgottenWarrior
Loved the new chapter! I was a bit confused on who Ramsey was at first and how he'd fit into the story until I finished the chapter. Also enjoy the whole Sofia drama. It really keeps me interested. I'm waiting for karma to get revenge on her in the end. Haha. Anyway, keep it up! :)

2/10/2013 c2 TheForgottenWarrior
Ha, I knew this story would be interesting. I like the way your taking this, rather than just making it a primarily love story like I thought it would be. In addition, I like how you make Kelly good at relating to people because it makes sense with her creating a website. I'm dying to see what happens to Tristan and Sofia, along with Kelly! Keep it up! :)

2/3/2013 c1 TheForgottenWarrior
I'm sad that this is so short - and more importantly did not show the message - but I suppose I see what you did with the cliff-hanger. If I follow and favorite it, will you write more? Haha. Warrior

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