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6/8/2022 c9 Guest
You can't just end it here on a cliffhanger! Thanks for the awesome story I'm sorry to hear about your tennis coach and that your best friend is dating your ex. Hope you are doing well
3/23/2014 c9 ScarlettL.Seakerlsd9
Ahh I absolutely love your story you can't find story's like this anymore can't wait for the next chapter
1/17/2014 c8 LittleReader
Woops pressed the post button accidentally :P
Can't wait for more more updates! :D
1/17/2014 c9 LittleReader
Omg so glad you continued the story TvT love the detail description of Claire's emotion
1/16/2014 c9 skyblur
hi update soon!
10/5/2013 c7 anhanh
Ohh... That was sad. I can't believe he laughed!
9/23/2013 c7 ScarlettL.Seakerlsd9
I love this story it's so real I'm actually rather enjoying it can't wait for the next chapter.
9/18/2013 c7 Almond

I think I love you.

Gawd this is amazing! You can tell its been bubbling in your head for a while. Don't stress over updating honey, take as much time as you need to balance out your life. We will love you no matter what.

And when you come back to finish the story, we will always be there still.

Much love, sparkles, and unicorns,
8/17/2013 c6 BambooMunchies
Nice chapter! It's so funny when Claire and Derek are together! 3
Please write more, this is so entertaining to read, I also wonder what the project is going to be about. So many questions are coming to me in my head. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon. :D
7/3/2013 c6 Marie
This is seriously the best fanfic ever! Please update as soon as you can. I love this story! Excellent job. :)
7/3/2013 c6 Lucky
You. Are. Awesome! I think I want to hug you. Like, now.
7/5/2013 c6 anhanh
AH-HA! She LIKES him! I knew it and I bet Derek really REALLY likes her back. This is so cute.
Please post soon, I'd like to
7/3/2013 c6 amberuae28
This story is so perfect! Honestly, I'm so in love with your writing. 3 3 I can't wait to tell others about this awesome fanfic. I hope you'll update real soon! :)
6/23/2013 c5 anhanh
Ahh! PLease right more!

I just finished exams at my school so I now how stressing it can be. So take as long as you need to post the next chapter. I hope you do very well in school and writing!

Happy life! (Yeah, I'm pretty much as positive as can be) :D
4/4/2013 c4 anhanh
Oh my Gods, I think I'm gonna dissolve if I don't read another chapter! (Yeah I said dissolve)
Please write more! Your very talented. :D
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