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6/29/2015 c5 DianaofThemyscira
I was sitting in a restaurant eating lunch today and I realized that I had some free time, so I read another chapter! It was amazing how quickly the restaurant faded to nothing around me as I read... I was just suddenly there with Anari and her family. It was a very immersive experience.

Ugh, this made me so sad. Anari's parting from her younger cousin was heartbreaking. It made me flash back to all the times I've had to say goodbye to friends or family when I've know that it's going to be a long time before we meet again. Time and change can be so merciless! You really pulled me into Anari's heart and mind in those scenes.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/7/2015 c4 DianaofThemyscira
First of all, the length of time between my last review and this one is terrible and I'm sorry! I was glad to get back to reading this at long last, especially since you've posted two more chapters! I'm excited to catch up.

This chapter was so sad... I knew the death of Anari's grandmother was looming, but it still landed hard. She was such a lovely woman. I thought your depictions of the family's grief and Anari's grief were very realistic and very painful. A death in the family is always a terrible thing.

I'm very interested to see where the story goes now... you've got some political drama and intrigue going and there's Vye in the mix. He seems like a nice enough guy, and Anari's grandmother liked him enough to write to him, but I need more information about him before I decide whether I like him lol! He's still a mysterious character and I'm curious to see what part he'll play in upcoming events.

Lastly, I'm still enjoying the tales that Anari is translating. The Moon story was lovely.
4/25/2015 c3 DianaofThemyscira
Anari’s family was just wonderful. I loved the barely-contained chaos of the arrivals and reunions… the jokes and the raucous fun made me nostalgic for the best parts of big family get-togethers. They felt like a real family, branching out in every direction, connected in a big tangle of grandparents, cousins, and siblings. I enjoyed it so much.

I especially love Anari’s grandmother Ri’a’na. Her no-nonsense attitude is great and I particularly like the moment when she refused to be thought of as a legendary figure! Her insistence that she was a normal person with good ideas and a thick skull kind of made her my hero. I hate the fact that she’s ill! I don’t want her to die! :0

I feel gloom gathering in general, and it contrasts so markedly with the warmth of Anari’s family and the joy of her ceremony. Reading this was kind of like the moment when Anari pressed her cold hands to her flushed face - the meeting of two extremes. The threat of bad things is hanging overhead, but below is all warmth and light... i can’t help but dread whatever shoe is about to drop. So good job on establishing the atmosphere in this chapter! Your world-building also continues to be pretty awesome… I can see and feel what sort of life Anari and family have and it’s great. Oh, and the ceremony was wonderful! You let us experience the whole thing, flowery language and all, instead of skipping it or having a sort of montage and I loved that.

The wistful and ominous undertones in Tirena’s words at the end left me feeling chilled… ahhh, something bad is going to happen! I’m morbidly excited to find out what it will be, whether it’s political upheaval, family tragedy, or all of the above.
4/18/2015 c2 DianaofThemyscira
I liked this chapter a lot!

The religion of Mato'i'ya is interesting... I'm always fascinated when fantasy stories delve into the religion(s) of the main characters. Battlestar Galactica, one of my favorite tv shows, did that a lot and it always pulled me in. I'm very interested to hear more of the Twenty-Seven Tales! I'm also interested in the fact that Anari is struggling with hatred and is in line to be the ruler, which puts her at risk to be like the queen in the story. Now I'm really wondering where this story is going! You have a lot of good foundation here and the story could develop in any number of ways... and I'm genuinely interested in finding out which way things will go. You've dangled the plot threads well!

Anari's translation work is interesting; I really liked her determination to revive as much of their culture as possible. What a brutal thing to suffer an occupation that wiped out so much of her people's culture! Her memory of sneaking into the ruined mansion and finding destruction and decay was heartbreaking.

I'm still intrigued by Vye... darn it, mysterious characters get me every time lol. If Anari's grandmother insists that he's not worthy of hatred, then there really must be more to him. I look forward to finding out what it is!

I like the rough feeling of Anari's home. She wears plain clothing, she wanders into the kitchen and chats with staff, the family doesn't live grandly... it's a cool idea, having leaders that aren't elevated above everyone else.

What an ominous ending! The fact that the opinion of the people might sway towards romanticizing the past - yikes. The political threats all around seem very real, and poor Anari has to maintain quite the balancing act to handle the opinions of her people at home and the relationships with nations abroad.

I'll be back for another chapter soon! :D
4/16/2015 c1 DianaofThemyscira
Oh, I like this. It took me a few paragraphs to get grounded in this unfamiliar world with strange (but cool) names, but by the end I was got my bearings and was enjoying myself. I'm impressed by your ability to create a new world out of nothing... complete with political dramas galore! I'm a sucker for the glittering, cutthroat world of fantasy politics (if that's a thing lol) so I was getting sucked into the dynamics and power plays between these characters. I like the protagonist so far and her grandmother is a pretty cool character too; I like the epic backstory of her as a young woman. And the Chancellor seems shady but I sense a conspiracy here... or at least that things are not what they seem with him. I'm definitely interested to learn what is behind his cryptic statements at the end. I like a first chapter that grabs my attention! I'll be back to check out the next chapter soon! :D

(P.S. This is Katla from ... I wasn't able to sign in through so I had to get creative and pick a new username for a new account. I blanked for a long moment and then went for Wonder Woman lol)

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