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for SUPER: The Very Ordinary Lives of Superheroes (In Training)

11/28 c16 Guest
In the hands of a completely different and somewhat more competent writer, this story might be good. Unfortunately...

You keep reintroducing the characters over and over and over and over and over and over and you bring in over two dozen in the first ten chapters alone. How did you even keep track of them all? It's so boring and tedious and repetitive and tedious and boring and repetitive.

And this whole pile of nonsense is absolutely lousy with over-the-top Social Justice(tm) and a level of diversity that feels like you were going down a checklist and cramming it in there just to check it off and it's o b n s. You leaned into it so heavily that it just got to be TOO MUCH. Main protagonists are one thing (and fucking pick some to use as PoV characters there's too fucking many i can't keep track), but the background characters? Please, just let the without slapping a label on them. Let there be gray areas. Not everyone has to be Stupidly Bigoted just because you think you have to Prove A Point.

Stop spelling everything out and slapping the readers in the face with information and let us draw our own fucking conclusions for a change.
9/14/2019 c57 PaniniCimini
Dang. I really like this. For someone who doesn’t post often, you’ve got me refreshing your page every single day looking to see if you posted a new chapter. I always loved the idea of a superhero school, and while there have been many iterations of the concept, some good, some bad, yours is truly unique. Every chapter feels like it’s own comic book in the massive universe that is SUPER. The characters are dynamic, the story is fun but not childish, and you’ve done a good job mixing in characters, viewpoints, and even religious stances, without making it a focal point. The stories are good, and I’m seriously in love with the universe you created. I really look forward to wherever you decide to take this, and I’ll definitely be there for the ride. Here’s hoping you see this review as some encouragement, and a way of telling you, from all your readers, that you’ve all made our day a little better when we see another chapter of your story.
8/3/2015 c23 9Waxing Shadow
I take back what I said in the last review. This story isn't great... it's fantastic! On top of the things I said earlier, I also love the characterization of just about everyone in the entire cast. You've done a wonderful job of, for lack of a better term, humanizing everyone here. There isn't a single character here that I didn't like for one reason or another. Salome, for example, is probably one of my favorites simply because she's the walking epitome of the "Anti-Antichrist" trope. I'm honestly wondering why you haven't published this yet, because this is probably the best original fiction piece I've read on this site so far!
7/30/2015 c22 OdicHastings
You have returned! This work is really good, how does it have like... no reviews?

You should think of posting this to Deviant art. I think you'd get a lot more traffic.
8/1/2015 c6 Waxing Shadow
It's like if you took Sky High, X-Men, and a pinch of Saved By the Bell, aged it up a bit, and blended it well. I really like this story!
4/9/2013 c11 2OdicHastings
I hung around for a bit and decided to take a look over here at fictionpress. I must say I've enjoyed this story so far. I like slice of life and its got a bit of X-men in it to boot. That and furries I suppose. I look forward to reading more tomorrow.

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