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3/24/2015 c17 26TriploblasticSkies
Did you miss me? *winks*
Oh, so Frankie has finally decided... *tears* Jen, sweetheart, STOP being so nice. Stop making sacrifices. Be selfish like me. That's the way you'll get happy and Joey!
You know, Joey's the kind of guy a hopeless romantic dreams about. Even if it's mildly incestuous in the minds of some...! Of course, it's quite sad what Jen concluded about Richie, but that's a sensible conclusion too. We gotta remain practical.
As usual, writing -SUPERB. Character -I've talked so much about them in the past few chapters. Progress of the story -you know I'll take anything you give.
By this point, I don't have much to say. My ability to babble is disappearing...! *horrified*
Oh, a suggestion! Have you hears The Dog Song by Nellie McKay? Try something with it in the story. It might suit, you know. :)
Good job! :D
9/22/2014 c17 Bootybootybangbang
8/25/2014 c17 2BookReader88
Omg, okay I have read this story twice for myself and once with my little sister, elayne, we r now awaiting impatiently for jen's next sarcastic chapter. I don't mean to rush u but on the behalf of my sister and I, PLEASE HURRY!
8/8/2014 c17 1foxfaceish
Haha omg this chapter was cute. I can't wait till the next one :3
7/29/2014 c17 2BurstofPassion
7/20/2014 c17 Guest
Um, so I dunno what the heck is wrong with everybody else on this site...but not a single person who reviewed this chapter sought to mention just how AWESOME FRANKIE WAS. That guy is perhaps the most freakin' fantastic/adorable character in this story. Yeah, I mean Joey and Jen are great and all – but Frankie and Lila equal sheer brilliance. AND, if it weren't for Lila hauling Jen to the concert...AND, if it weren't for Frankie compelling Jen to take the job, Joey & Jen wouldn't even be amigos. So COME ON, PEEPS! Show these two fantastic minor characters some LOVE.
Geez. Talk about unappreciated.
End of rant.
7/18/2014 c17 Infinite Sky
Noooooo! that was a terrible ending! you horrid person! :O jk but seriously...that was Richie right? eughh whata creep. I seriously detest that guy...

Nooo, poor Jen. Joey loves you back, he does, he really does. Well, he better anyhow.. haha.

7/17/2014 c17 ididshank
I loved it!
7/17/2014 c17 shinju asuka
Read all the chapters in a go and love it! Love how you wrote it in first person POV. You did well done to describe Jean's character. All chapters were never bored me. Can't wait for your next chapters!
7/16/2014 c16 5U MadeMyLifeComplete
Oh you did put a line break for authors notes, gosh I have to profusely apologize. It must have been in a previous chapter. I hope I didn't offend you :(
- Grace
7/16/2014 c17 U MadeMyLifeComplete
I love this story and congratulations on graduating! Rickie is an ass though I can't wait to find out what's to happen next! It would be great if you put a line break when you do an authors note because it can be a tad confusing but other then that I'm so loving this story!
Sincerely, Grace
7/16/2014 c17 1MysteriousNerdness-07
*has been staring at screen for the past 5 minutes*

*screeches incomprehensible words*

7/16/2014 c17 mylittleprincess
i hope Joye heard that confessions of love,update please.
7/6/2014 c16 The Bob
A very fun read. Engaging. Captivating. Entertaining. Poignant. Genuine. Humorous. Well-written.

If I worked in a publishing company for teen fiction, I'd bring this beauty of yours to the shelves in a heartbeat.

— The Bob.
7/5/2014 c16 26TriploblasticSkies
Enrique? Whoosh. Didn't expect that, genuinely. I apologize in advance, my review is going to be short. My classes have been killing me -thus the late review in the first place.
Hm. I kinda like felt that this was an anime or something -kinda like Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. I mean, gosh, you need courage to be an 18 year old, unfamiliar to anyone... and stand in front of millions, cracking jokes. Good job, Jen.
JJ's rival is a serious pervert though. Like, really. Disgusting.
But our dear heroine is almost turning comical, isn't she? :) Great job, as usual! And really, thanks for adding and Enrique and Benny thing! :D
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