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6/3/2003 c1 Sarana
That was amazing! The symbolism was fantastic! I love it when you say "I should never have looked." It really adds to her feelings. I also really like how you talked about people reaching for you while you fell. I have only one suggestion. It might sound better if you didn't use the term "French kiss" as that is a little more of a slang term, and, I think, takes away from the sentence.
5/21/2002 c1 25Lyncher
This is a brilliant story!

It's like one long metaphor, I love it!

The whole part where she is hurting herself is so vivid...and you know exactly how she's feeling..and then Brent finds her, and you feel so happy for her.

You should keep writing, you have a talent for it.
11/29/2001 c1 nextone
my my, someone who understands the view point of an angel. i must say... i am impressed with you. this story intrigues me. if you ever want contact over such things, please feel free to do so and contact me through email, aol, yahoo, etc. i like this very much and it DOES bring a certain part of me out that hasn't been there for an amount of time. lovely.
6/10/2001 c1 11METMA Mandy
Wow! That was so good... the symbolism and descriptions are terrific. You put into words what must have been a terrible experience for you. Keep writing, and I hope you and Brent (if that's his real name) are very happy together! :)
6/8/2001 c1 Damia Raven
that was real good, it was so emotional and you could just imagine it all happening, its cool!

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