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2/22/2017 c39 3Queer Fairy Fiction
Just wanted to say how much i loved this story!

Artie is a sweetheart and their romance building slowly was just lovely.. Just about to start on the sequel!

Well done

12/12/2016 c24 4villainous
I feel like after the introduction of Artie's family I can relate to even more now than I previously thought and that's just great! My siblings and I all share different dads (except me and my twin of course) and the way the family acts together really hits home except my mum doesn't bring any guys home (last time she did my twin and younger brother threatened him with a big ol' kitchen knife, so). I'm really enjoying your style of writing and the way this works as snapshots and it actually is working out better than I originally thought it could. Good job!
10/18/2015 c39 Bahati
Wow you write the best stories, job well I'm off to read the sequel
1/22/2015 c39 2JJudkins
Guess I'm the only one who thought you were a bit light on details when Quinn finally agreed to more. I must be more twisted than I thought. Good story! I've been a fan of yours from the Kigo stories.
4/21/2014 c39 Guest
You know what?Every time i read this i love it moe.
4/5/2014 c38 Guest
I hope you continue it with their life together...
4/5/2014 c39 Guest
That was beautifull...so beautifull.i love it.
2/9/2014 c28 Blanc Casse
I just realised what's been bothering me about the sexual side of this relationship. Quinn never bothers with Artie's pleasure at all. It never even crosses her mind. That's not ok. I'm curious about how this works out :)
2/8/2014 c23 Blanc Casse
These tow are so deep in denial it's hilarious. Great story!
12/29/2013 c1 Santana
I need a sequel!
11/20/2013 c39 4lloyd1191
This is the first time I see you write a story with small chapters. Of course, I liked it, and I saw that you're thinking of a sequel. This was a great story and I can't wait to read more from you. Have a good night/day and I wish you good luck.
9/28/2013 c1 Rah
I'm still waiting for a sequel ):
wait let me cry
8/22/2013 c39 3SandSoccer
First of all, I want it to be known that this is the best story I have ever read on fiction press and fan fiction. Reading stories on these sites is basically my life... So that is saying a lot! Perfectly paced, perfectly written, I easily fell in love with all the characters and love how you didn't rush through things. I think my favorite little thing about this story is that Artie's name is Artimes the goddess of the hunt and she doesn't like men and Artie is lesbian, I love that xD i thought that was quite funny! I really enjoyed how you had the mythology in there haha I'm a bit of a mythology buff. I just loved every little detail you had too, I am now off to read every story you have ever written... ;) -Ari
7/22/2013 c1 Iza Alves
Babe why we dont have a draw for this story :( (Im still in love with archie and quinn)
7/15/2013 c39 Iza Alves
Omg awesome story i'm in love with quinn and artie ship name artinn? Lol i loved art family also diana is my babe! PLEASE WE NEED A SEQUEL
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