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for Blue Moon

7/7/2013 c7 Hayit'Serenity
Awwe there relationship is so cute! Even if its not a FULL relationship it's still cute all the same! Update soon please! Hayit'sSerenity
4/24/2013 c6 Hayit'Serenity
I like this story! A lot actually. Update soon!Hayit'sSerenity
4/20/2013 c5 Queen of Blue Hearts
Sedustion is her weakness. Well, Jason's type of seduction anyway. I love thi story. I like the way you developed the characters and the humour and stuff! You're a really good author! It's awesome. Update soon!
4/19/2013 c5 Guest
3/27/2013 c4 sofia.maria
3/27/2013 c4 Queen of Blue Hearts
...yes. yes you are. I'm glad she knows. wow, already? Lol.

Nice story. I love it. Wish I could say more but i don't have enough time. Just update soon, okay?
3/18/2013 c3 sofia.maria
please don't add a love triangle. '_'

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