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for Bad music, bad boys and bad decisions - MM Slash!

10/28/2018 c4 Guest
Olympia is the Capitol! Great story so far btw
3/24/2017 c5 Edouard du Rent
In candidness, the protagonist was characteristically weak and utterly inane. I know you warned us readers how the narrative foundation was cliché, but I cannot stress enough how the protagonist needed a set of bollocks in some situations.
7/13/2016 c10 AbyssScript
Okay. That was a great story. Don't think the ending is any kind of cliche I've read before though. But it was definitely entertaining. I'm also glad that their awkward dance is at an end. There's only so much longer it could have gone on.

I noticed several places throughout your story that could have been a little better with editing, but one line kind of stuck out. Highly amusing in it's own right, but definitely inaccurate. When Tyler went to retrieve his bike from the school and walked, you said he took almost an hour to get there. That in itself is fine, but following that you claimed he took 5 hours to remember where he stored his bike and an additional 20 hours to return home. At least, that's the impression you left since you never changed the measurement. I suggest that maybe you should go back and add in the word "minutes" somewhere in the near future if you want to change that. I mean, most humans would assume that's what you meant, but it's always best to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Aside from that, I don't recall any big points I wanted to point out. It was a pleasant story. Thank you for the read.
2/7/2016 c10 9Watereyes
This was an epic story. Couldn't stop reading. Great character development and pace. Didn't go to crazy with it. Nice and subtle. Awesome job!
1/23/2015 c10 Marie Starr
Kyaa! So cute, thank god John finally manned up! Love this story! :)
9/18/2014 c10 Sutekie13
I really loved this story. The "I love you" notes at the end were so ADORABLE! And can I just say THANK YOU! for making it a happy ending. I love happy endings. Even though it is just fiction I hate stories that are sad or something bad happens. Its probably because I know that bad/sad things do happen in real life so I don't want to have to think about it in a fictional/fantasy world. That probably sounds a bit naïve though lol. I guess I've rambled on enough considering I was supposed to review the story. Sorry about that ;)

4/26/2014 c10 JemCarstairs
Hi! I loved this story, soooo cute! :) Since I saw the I belong with you video, I always thought it would be nice if there was a slash version fic somewhere out there. I'm glad you wrote this!
3/22/2014 c10 4GrangerDanger333
I LOVE THIS. I always adored You Belong With Me and the video, so this was great :D
7/17/2013 c10 2GerardtheMoose
This was perfect. I had expected something good when reading the summary but this was just fantastic.
It was so cute! I always liked the idea behind that music video and I was happy when I saw it 'come to life'.
I think the characters were lovely and fit really well together.
I loved how well it was written and the descriptions of Tyler's emotions and thoughts on everything going on.
Great story!
5/12/2013 c7 Dark Lynnette
Ha. Well this chapter answered my questions. But i do still wonder why they weren't texting more before. I hope the daddy issues get resolved without too much agony
5/12/2013 c6 Dark Lynnette
A bit confused about the timing. Halloween just past so that's around homecoming right? So prom would be about six months away and not doc weeks. That would also make Tara even more "intense." Also had a question about communications. Is the notebook-ing considered texting our have the finally exchanged numbers and can talk that way too? When John says text before Tyler comes over i was unsure what that meant.
Still I'm enjoying the story and the mess that is Tyler. He makes me chuckle.
5/5/2013 c10 fedoralover101
Oh how... pretty! Sad to see it end...
4/30/2013 c10 Mobile
First of all, allow me to say, I am sooo sad it's over. it was indeed a crazy fucking ride but the highs were worth it. I shamelessly ignored very important things today (homework included) to read this story on whole and I can not say that I am disappointed.

It would be pretty interesting if there was an epilogue or companion short story to tie up any loose ends so to speak. Just putting that out there _
3/28/2013 c10 Ancornothing
Wow... Wow... Wow

You said your story was full of cliche? It might be very true but you manage to make cliche awesome! Love, love, love this story and your characters. I particularly love that for once the jock, although a jerk at times, was a nice guy and not the bully type. I really enjoy that you made John cry because of his issues and that Tyler actually understand Josh and wasn't too pushy. That scene at the prom was adorable although I kinda felt bad for Tara. She wasn't a saint but being dumped like that though... Ah anyways. Have I told you that your sex scenes were awesome? No? Well they were. Tyler and John are incredibly erotic together. Awesome couple, great chemistry.

I wish we had we had seen a little bit more of Damien and Jen, since they are Tyler's best friend. I felt like Tyler should have interacted a little more with them. I also wish we got to see Josh confront his dad about his issues. And aslo Tyler and John meeting Tyler's awesome mom XD.

I adore that fic of yours. I only wish it was a bit longer. I would have loved to see more of most of your characters, especially John and Tyler 3 Great job, even, with some grammatical errors.
3/20/2013 c2 Flika
Oh no...the Rocky...The Horror...Its coming...AAAAHHGGRG It just a jump to the left, and a step to the riiggghhhtt! Put your hands on your hips, and bring your knees in tiiggghhhtt!
Nice story so far
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