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12/29/2021 c54 kiara jasmine
hi, my name is Kiara, i am an editor from fast growing platform, i am so interested with your work, may i know how to reach you professionally?
1/22/2014 c23 Treasuredagain
Damn it! You made me cry! (Always good to know when you hit the mark as an author). Beautiful story so far, by the way.
11/29/2013 c54 Guest
Steamy ending. I am interested to see the second.
11/29/2013 c54 StarGateLover
So. LOL. I thought Charles was so cute. I do like him but I am excited to see how JD handles Grace. I'm not sure how this is going to work, but I know you can give a good rendering of an alternate happy ending for our misfit couple. JD has his work cut out for himself to top Charles though. He won me over in the end and I am not sure he is as good for Grace as Charles has turned out to be. This is fun!
11/29/2013 c54 CPAReader
Well, my goodness. Grace turned out to be quite the handful, literally, in Charles' case. I liked the banter and the humor and the imagery presented. A cryptic reminder that McGinnis looms in the wings somewhere, though. I liked how Charles handed his woman at the end. Can't wait to see if the other guy has the chops to do the same with equal style and panache. On to the second ending!
11/28/2013 c54 Waverlygurrl
Despite your friends attacking me and the whole misconceptions about Iowa, I stayed with the story because I was enjoying it. I liked the characters and the 1940s era is one of my favorite eras to read about, there's so much history in those years. I'm glad Grace accepted Charles' marriage proposal and they're going to have a happy ending, but I admit I am pretty disappointed because you promised us TWO endings in the summary, and this is just ONE ending. You've left a TON of plot devices unresolved, such as what happens to JD, what happens to the General, does Grace ever come to terms with her father's death, etc.. I believe in an author writing something that ends happily ever after, but I also believe that unless a sequel is planned, the writer should resolve all plotlines introduced in the story, otherwise it's not at all satisfying to the reader. It's a strong indication to us that either the writer got bored with the story and decided to end it the way it was, or else they're disorganized and can't remember what ideas they introduced from chapter to chapter. Sorry, the ending is great, but the unresolved issues aren't. I'm hoping you've got a sequel planned that will cover those things.
11/24/2013 c54 Guest
I feel a little let down but I did like the banter between Grace and Charles at first.
11/25/2013 c54 1Greyleaf
Grace is *such* a tease! Good thing Charles likes her that way. I liked how his mental conversation and resolve cut short with the sound of her showering. I’m wondering, though, if you had some foreshadowing going on. Haven’t had any mention of JD for quite awhile and here Charles thinks of him if only briefly. I think things are about to get more complicated…
11/21/2013 c53 KateyD
Well, Charles is a nice guy but I can't wait to see how JD does the job. I miss him so much and it seems like ages since he was around. I'll reserve my judgment until the sex scene. LOL.
11/19/2013 c53 StarGateLover
"Necessity is a Mother." LOL. That was cute. And the proposal was so sweet! I didn't see it coming! And neither did Grace. LOL. You should have described the ring, you know how mercenary I am. That was so precious, how he proposed. Worth the wait! Charles is so sweet a man! I'm torn. JD isn't sweet at all. But he has other qualities. Is this good or what?
11/18/2013 c53 CPAReader
Why didn't I think of that when I asked Steph to marry me? LOL. I enjoy the banter between the characters as always and Charles pulled it out quite nicely, if you asked me. I can't wait for the 'especially nice' part which, hopefully is upcoming?
11/18/2013 c53 Guest
Very romantic and always with the trademark humor. You didn't disappoint. The train was a nice setting.
11/17/2013 c53 Greyleaf
Absolutely *loved* the proposal scene! The way Charles put aside his plans in order to take control of the situation was great. I always admire a man who can think on his feet. Or knees. Also, good descriptions of the crowd and the train. Nicely done.
11/14/2013 c37 Guest
I don't usually review but this chapter touched me deeply. My husband is a soldier. Thank you for honoring them in your own way. I cried for them and their families, because this reminds me of my husband's unit. I love your story.
11/10/2013 c52 CPAReader
This chapter brings back memories of that time for me. How antiquated our values seem by today's standards but I have to wonder, if we had stuck to those values, as a Nation, if we would be in the pickle we find ourselves in today. Well, just musing, Kid. I liked the 'eternal struggle' suffered by all families depicted here. Who hasn't gone through the same issue at one time or another. I understand both sides though and can't chose a right or wrong. I liked the chapter because it makes a guy think.
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