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9/16/2006 c1 8Marie Northcott
Good! It's interesting to me when I read about mystical things put up against real life, like you did here. I think you really pulled it off, well done. Keep going, finish it! I think a little more deveopment about this doctor of science is needed. Before you hit the reader with another fantasy scenario, give your character a little more weight. It will help add feeling and suspense to your work if we, the readers, are attached to your character. Very well done, I wish there was more of it to read.

- Marie
6/9/2001 c1 1Eva Phoenix Potter
6/9/2001 c1 Looney Lupin
OOOoohhh. Cool! You've got to post the next chapter. It sounds cool!
6/9/2001 c1 Gracie Miller
wow! that was awsome! I hope you intend to write more! that was really, really, really cool! I love it, write more!
6/9/2001 c1 7Shattered Stars
Oooh...ominuous...I didn't spell that right, did I? Anywhoo...wow. That's a good reason not to move back to Seattle...scary dragons are going to pop out of the mountian and kill everything! ARG! I really really really liked it... -especially- the fact that it was placed in moi home town. *teehee* Alright...It was fantastic...how many hapters are there going to beeeee? ~Su

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