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for Till death do us part

12/9/2002 c1 5gaile
very eloquent
11/22/2002 c1 32Morbane
*again, smile* I think you could probably publish this. *happy warm feeling inside*
3/16/2002 c1 16Outlaw's Serenade
Jeebus... you did quite well for someone who doesn't speak english as first language. I don't, either. Aside of a few misspells (probably typos), the story is over all good and excellently written. A suggestion, though! Why don't ya go to www.wordweb.co.uk and download their thesaurus? They might help you with your vocab and word usage! :D

By the way, thanks for your reviews!
3/16/2002 c1 12visiondust
this is a wonderful, touching and inspiring tale. and as a side note, i believe that something like that could really happen.
11/30/2001 c1 7diskincluded
Pretty good!
4/26/2001 c1 1acrobat
very very nice.
1/16/2001 c1 Angel Tigeress
This is such a beautiful story. I love cats and have a fluffy straight black queen with golden eyes. This story made me think of her.
9/23/2000 c1 Ly the werewolf
WOW. I...I'm speechless...that was incredible...
6/8/2000 c1 Paul Hebert
Good,especially if you're a cat lover.
6/7/2000 c1 krystyna lichy
Till death do us apart is a story about love that lives on aftre death. I find it very moving. If you are animal lover or better yet a cat lover & owner you will need a tissues or two when you read this story. I have had cats most of my life & I can understand the things in this story & know them to be true. The tom Rube had a job to do & do it he did even after he & his human partner have leaft this world he came back to finish the job that was started. It was once said, "there are more things in Heaven & hell then are dreamt of." How true this story show but one piece of that. I rate this story as 8.5 out of 10. Very good.
6/6/2000 c1 Joyce Rutherford
I loved your story. It brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of my big black tom cat Ghost. He always knew when I was upset or hurt and would stop tomcatting to come home and give me comfort and love. He passed on in 1997 but I'll always love him and won't ever forget him.
6/6/2000 c1 Rain BrightStar
Wow!What a wonderful story Werecat.You touched my soul with it.Thank you
6/6/2000 c1 violetmoria
Once again, you have held me in your thrall! I was sniffling back the tears as I reached the end of the story. Of course, I love a good

"supernatural" tale any time, but when cats (and mysterious women) are involved (and when the "baddies" get their due), that is a plus.

I am hoping that one day you will be writing novels!
6/5/2000 c1 GEORGE MANTIS
So Touching, so Human, so Sensitive, so Magnificently Wonderful.

I adore it.

I want more!
6/4/2000 c1 Erin12
Wow. Really well written, and, since I love cats, that makes it even better! 10/10!
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