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for Till death do us part

6/4/2000 c1 MysticalSong aka Aleris
That was a truely wonderful, touching, and very well-written story, Werecat! It captured my imagination instantly, and you described the details and emotions (especially emotions) throughly and almost flawlessly. The story in itself was great-what an interesting thought! Cat Spirits...Ageless Love...unfinished bussiness...revenge...and finally, Peace and Happiness. All the makings of a superb script! I hope you will keep blessing us with more of your stories, because you've got obvious talent. Well Done! Bravo and Encore! ~Aleris~
6/4/2000 c1 kim
I was very engrossed with the story. I could picture the events in my mind. It was very well written.
6/4/2000 c1 Lisa
this is a very touching story...i really enjoyed reading it and man if this is really true wow...its a story that could just take your breath away and it was meant to be thats for sure...thanks for passing this on and giving me a chance to read it!
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