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for I can S Haikus

7/13/2014 c1 RowanWildrose
HA! I love these.
You make me want to go back to writing Haiku as a stress reliever. Some of them are quite witty!

The spanish one made me laugh, and then the bald head one made me laugh out loud.
I also love the guitar riff.

please write more :)
7/11/2013 c1 2Lilian Brooke Glass
These made me laugh and smile and think, really quite good. :) Loved the spanish one, creative. Though the one about the sakura tree was off... I'll explain in syllables.

The sa ku ra tree (5)
Blo ssoms on ly once for me (7)
Could it blo ssom a gain? (6)

So yeah. Still cool though.

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