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for Fruit

3/31/2013 c1 2spezria26
Yes I called it! I was like... Admiring the male psychique, wondering about liking boobs... Souds gay to me.

Anyways, I loved that. He's so funny in this derpy kind of way. He seems like... Oh my god! I just love this character. He's smart, awkward, overly-thoughtful, and like an average teenager well still being... More than that. This was excellently written. There's just something about the way you write that I love
3/28/2013 c1 Drew Tee
Well, at least no one gave concerned glances in my direction, while I was reading this. xD A very fun and light read for the afternoon. I'm glad you wrote this.
3/28/2013 c1 54Nausikaa
I enjoyed this. :) I liked the little hints that showed what you were leading up too- like Darren checking out the security guards.

When I read the description, I actually thought this was going to be a surrealist piece about a guy who has sex with fruit, with the fruit being a metaphor for another man. (And fruit, because: forbidden fruit)

But the avenue you went down I liked as well. I especially liked Darren's reasoning as to why she shouldn't be blamed. "It's not the apple's fault." *cracks up*

Though you feel sorry for Darren, I figure it's best for him in the long wrong that he breaks up with his girlfriend. Now he can explore all the different types of fruit on offer. ;)
3/28/2013 c1 The True Dreamer
Wow, all I can really say is that Darren is an idiot. I'm not into that same sex thing but if I were to look into the world of people really being fruit, it would be the opposite of how Darren described it. Man and man-strawberry and strawberry. However, if a strawberry fell on love with a pear, that match would be appropriate. Like a man and woman. Get it? Anyway, pretty good read. I'll be waiting to read other stories by you.
3/28/2013 c1 21Just Theo
A lot of comedic elements throughout the story, it was a very entertaining read. I like Darren's analogy with the fruit, and Jennifer's reaction. :)

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