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5/1/2013 c1 nimono
I thought that this was a very fascinating premise- Prestoria is definitely not a Mary Sue and she certainly has a lot of depth to her. I like how you didn't show us her entire backstory because it left room for us to wonder about that and want to read in a little further. I did feel sympathy for many of those that she caught, and many of them seemed tangible as they were very well written. Great job.
4/21/2013 c1 2Azuran
I like the use of wordplay and small talk throughout. I find in general smalltalk is usually overestimated and overdone in many stories but in your case it was all pretty funny and it adds to the story's color, particularly the bar-esque setting.

I like the bit about "prestoria's Lament," it added emotion to Pretoria's tale and gave us a more in depth look at her life. The first three parts were kinda reserved to the "man trying to get some ass" type of character. Honestly I don't have many hard critiques except that the bar setting may have been overdone just a tad. I also feel like this could actually have more of a chronological story line to it, Otherwise it is a very good read indeed.

4/11/2013 c1 3Ridely
So I like Prestoria and I think she kinda deserves an actual full length story from start to finish rather then a collection of five short ones, though these were very enjoyable because of her characterization of being a strong and clever woman. The different perspectives are nice, but I think that you could use some descriptive words between lines of talk if you wanted to improve it at all. Otherwise, it was great!
4/10/2013 c1 7Mandy Tyler
Very clever the way you have these seperate stories then sort of tie them all together in a later chapter. My favorite is when Prestoria is home with her bratty sister and loser boyfriend. Like their nicknames, too (Spider/Web). Also its interesting that you have minor characters talk about their experiences with Prestoria. Sheds some light on her character from another perspective. Good job!

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