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2/20 c19 Amanda Hue
Halo Author, My name is Amanda, I’m a scout talent from a fast-growing platform. Nowadays werewolf story is in trend and I think your story has the potential to gain more readers on our platform! May I know how to reach you professionally?
7/17/2014 c19 1Miss Kristina
Fun story, to many authors notes unfortunately...
6/19/2014 c19 1lovelyhanna
I think she should accept I mean she has been running or fainting this entire time so she should have a backbone by now.
5/17/2014 c19 MrsHerondale
Please continue writing! This is soo good!
12/28/2013 c17 4janichan143
This would have been better without the rape
12/28/2013 c4 janichan143
Real rape victim no matter how much they are attracted to someone, will still have physical symptoms of post traumatic disorder and were unstable mentally and emotionally. Someone, this make her appear like a slut or broken. No one, men or women, who were raped, can bounced back from being rape to horny faster than this girl.
12/19/2013 c17 stavy
i hope u'll update story soom
10/6/2013 c17 1SilverWolf123
2 please
9/23/2013 c17 Sweetandspicey
Please finish this story it's getting soo good
4/19/2013 c8 11Redbone Haz
Ummm, sorry but this isn't THE END OF THIS STORY BUT CHAPTER
4/19/2013 c8 Sam
What! That's it?! This is so awesome! Why did you have to stop!:(
4/19/2013 c8 Guest
THE END! WTF! Nooooo this can't be the end! Please write some more! Please!:0 I'll die without this story! Being finished!-.- lol but really finish!:(
4/19/2013 c7 KENNETHA
Such a juicy scene! Keeps me wanting more! Hahaha...as always team hazel
4/19/2013 c6 Guest
I'm guessing you helped her! Cause it looks like some of your other writing!:) that's a big sister ! Mines is too annoying to let me do anything for her
4/19/2013 c5 Guest
What happen to the long chapters?! And I hate that when a teacher picks on me for no reason. It's like they jelly of my beautiful self !
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