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for The First Time I Fell Well, Not Really

7/8/2005 c1 1Sparkels
My first fall is debatable too. I was riding a pony who was a bit green over fences. He was fine jumping crosspoles, so when we raised them to low verticals I thought he'd be okay. Instead he refused, and I just sorta tumbled over his shoulder and landed on my feet. I still can't decide if that counts or not.

That same pony just dumped me two weeks ago, acctually. He'd been acting up recently, and I still can't figure out why he bucked, but he did. I did a nice little acrobatic flip over his head and landed on my back. Rotten pony.

I think the funniest fall I've ever seen was during a riding lesson once. We were trotting around and someone opened the arena gate. It spooked the pony who was trotting past it and he jumped straight into the air and landed on his side. His rider flew off and they were both okay, so we all had a good laugh over that one.

Anyway, enough of my stories. I liked yours, it was well written and I like your voice.
3/24/2005 c1 9HorseChild
a funny story...though technically i don't think it really was a fall, since you weren't really on the horse yet.

my first fall: i was riding a horse named Dolly bareback (i have stupidly asked if i could ride bareback before the lesson) anyway, dolly started trotting, and this was back when i was first learning how to ride and hadn't learned to trot with no stirrups yet. Dolly started to speed up, and i panicked and slowed her down. this happened a few more times, until finally i guess Dolly got fed up. the next time we trotted, she sped up AND turned into the middle of the ring. well, i wasn't ready for that and i couldn't turn her and stay on. so off i went. i did get back on, and ended up fallinf off 2 more times for the same reason. we horseback riders are crazy people!
11/30/2004 c1 coyote-nebula
Well, I don't think you could exactly call it a fall. I did it one time. I was mounting my lesson horse, Maggie; a Quarter Horse, and my foot slipped out of the stirrup and so I rolled under Maggie but quickly rolled out, for I didn't want to get stepped on. I dusted the red dirt off and got back on to that western saddle (I don't ride english), on that mare. I've been riding for about 2-3 years. Recently I went to my friends that has like 8 horses. It was me, my older brother, and my friends parents. We were riding down the highway when Jazz spooks (the horse my friend's mom was on) and jumps sidways, but his mom stays in the same spot. Jazz jogs out into the middle of the highway, but she gets chased back and stops beside me. She's remounted, and that's the story.
5/9/2004 c1 fork in the river
i just got my frist horse a week ago ... so happy.. but yea my fist fall- i was cantering without stirrups on a little arabian.. then she broke to a trot, i lost my balance and silped off the side... really close to the fence...well the mare was nice and jumped over me and i didnt get steped on... but yea i dont think yers could be considered actually falling off the horse cuz u were never on it.. but good story
3/6/2004 c1 2leen02x
my first(only; YES!) fall was so dumb. i was riding bareback in the rain and we were walking and i slipped. i felt like an idiot and also bruised my tailbone. luckily nobody laughed and the horse was nice enough not to move. great job! and i would die to fall off a clyedesdale, though i have ridden a tenesee walker that i could hardly get onto. lol
1/4/2004 c1 Rebecca-Midnight
I liked it- well written, though I don't think you really fell off.
You see, Falling off involves going from the saddle to the ground...and a LOT of pain usually! Gosh, I've seen a lot of falls, and I still remember my first fall. I had only been riding for about 6 months when it happened. Anyway, I was at my friend's house, atop her Quarter Horse Gelding Rusty. She was riding her Holsteiner Elane. Well, the horses were feeling spunky and began galloping- FAST. Rusty was practically a little race horse as I was crouched above the Western saddle (I usually ride english) in two point position. I was getting scared, but I couldn't slow him down. Finally I tried to sit in the saddle and pull back on the reins. HIs gallop wasn't smoothe, it was REALLY bouncy (my friend could never figure out why his canter and gallop were so rough, she thought maybe he had hoof problems or something). So I was off balance from that. THEN he looked up and saw a brush pile. He swerved...HARD. I was extremely off balance then and unable to grip with my knees because of the three or so inches of leather between me and the horse! BUt I was hanging on...until Rusty looked up and saw a fence. This time, he swerved so hard that I fell...sort of. I was dangling by a stirrup and still holding the reins. I had to choose to let go, and when I DID let go, I rolled for nearly 30 seconds. It hurt BAD, and I had to go to the hopsital, where I was diagnosed as having a bruised butt, a badly sprained wrist, and a dislocated elbow. Now THAT'S a fall! Hee hee.
My other memorable fall was when I hopped onto the horse down the street. She belongs to a friend, and I had ridden her under saddle before. However, this time we were bareback, with no bridle, no saddle- no nothing. And of course, she bolted. Now this was less than a month after my first fall. I slid off of the back of the bolting horse and hit the ground hard with my upper back. I couldn't breathe for about a minute, and I was really sore after that!
Falls are what make horse back riding not a sport for the faint of heart! Sometimes you just have to stand up, dust the dirt off your butt, and say "I meant to do that."
Anyway, keep writing and riding! Horses are great teachers! :)
6/18/2003 c1 34eupseudes
You are #2 on my list to review 50 essays! Here is my feedback:

I've never gone horseriding before. It looks scary. Actually, I've never thought about going horseriding.

You've just stirred something. Good job.
5/28/2002 c1 3Kiwii
Interesting... technically, you weren't on the horse yet, so you couldn't fall off him. Well, you were in the air attached to part of the stirrup. But it happened because you had muddy boots... who knows.
4/5/2002 c1 5Ellen Enchanted
It's a bit humourous. I can't really relate to it, although being bucked off isn't the most pleasant experiance, let me say that.
6/23/2001 c1 Katt
Ahh, the first (maybe) fall...I remember mine. About six years back, I lost a stirrup while cantering and took a tumble. And so was the first of 31 falls. I'm so proud of myself. Of course, I've been riding for what, nine, ten years? But that 'tis the life of an all-around rider, who rides 6 days out of seven in the summer. And I don't even have my own horse! Ah, well... My worst fall wasn't nearly so pleasent as my first one. In this case I was loping around bareback on my favorite horse, when she slipped and fell. On me. She stood up immeadiatly, and I, being the idiot that I am, kept one of my legs hooked over her back. So, when she stood, up, I came up with her. Or, at least, part of the way. Then I lost my grip and fell off again. So, I hit the ground twice in that accident, one of those times with the horse on top of me. All I suffered was some bruises and a really sore ankel, as well as a scraped chin. Thank God for soft arena dirt. But, hey, I've seen worse falls. Much worse falls. One horse, one that I freqently ride, once threw a rider over the arena fence and into a spectator, breaking both their left arms. I've seen a friend of mine flip off their horse into the stock pond out in the north pasture. She ended up being red from the belly flop she did. And the worst fall I've ever seen was when a horse fell and rolled over, head over heels, several times onto their rider, who ended up suffering a concussion, a shattered arm, and a broken ankle, as well as a hundred or so stitches. Despite that, she rode that same horse again merely two weeks later. Yes, we horseback riders are nuts. I've been kicked, run over, biten, had a stall fall on me (cheap stall), gotton stuck in waist-high pasture mud several times, been pinned between a horse and the side of a trailer (that was my fault), gotton stuck under a stack of HEAVY western saddles that had fallen on me (that was just embarressing), and had a horse try to buck me off in the middle of a horse show, half way through my dressage pattern. At least the judges didn't hold that against me. But oh, well... Have I bored you with my horse stories yet?

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