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for Dark Day at the Circus

4/22/2013 c1 22Life'sInevitable
WOW. You kept me reading till the very last word. I loved the descriptions and the creativity that you put into it. I would of never of come up with that for a prompt like this. Well written and Well done.
4/22/2013 c1 2dcflag
I had to read this after seeing in the description it was a prompt written piece. I especially liked the fact the the plot line didn't seem to stiff and over thought out. I think theres room to develop into a longer piece and definately scope to add in extra scenes, perhaps even expanding on the characters a little bit more so readers can really get to know them a little better.

I think what I liked the best was the originality, because to me with that prompt I would have written something completely different, but then I think thats the beauty of unplanned work.

Did you find it easier to write this way without having to worry about steering the story into an already planned direction? Or did you find the story just wanted to write itself as such?

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