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for Forty Weeks

5/30/2013 c2 1AlwaysBeAUnicorn
i love the story so far it's really interesting. can't wait for the update.
5/2/2013 c2 4adalyn
Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/2/2013 c2 Isabelle
can't wait to know what will happen next! UPDATE SOON! I got it bookmarked :)
5/2/2013 c2 pixiemidnight
Even though it seems like the story is moving fast, I'm enjoying it! I also think it seems fitting given their situation. I can't wait to read more and see the characters develop more.
5/2/2013 c1 pixiemidnight
So much tension between them! I can't wait to see where this goes!
5/1/2013 c2 1isabelleflorendo
Great chapter! Update soon :)
4/30/2013 c1 Alenor
Great start! Can't wait for some more!
4/29/2013 c1 Guest
Love this.
4/27/2013 c1 RockPrincess410
I need more! Great story! :)
4/26/2013 c1 Jester79
Nice start. Hope you continue.
4/26/2013 c1 4adalyn
Hey! the story's really interesting. Definitely following this. Update soon!
4/26/2013 c1 anon
This is great and has a lot of potential! I can't wait to read more and get more background on the Logan/Brielle dynamic. I kind of like that you left out the reason for their hatred. I'm hooked!

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