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for Battle At Pavia

8/29/2014 c8 Guest
*blush* Omg... I think I'm going to die in depression if this doesn't get an update soon... TT
I really love this! Francis also look so cute I wonder of there anyone else that wants Francis, someone Francis knows and pictured as... er... someone trusted? That'd be awesome
10/9/2013 c8 Guest
come on post more !
7/3/2013 c8 BeyonChey
I think you did fairly well with it, no matter how long or short it be. I think the only problem is that it got good when it stopped. I need to you to quickly write the next chapter before I explode. :)
7/3/2013 c8 1Reservoir
I'd hoped something more would happen, like you know... HAPPEN. But this chapter lets me in more into the minds of the characters so its pretty good too. Charles is seriously... messy. He's messing with Francis' mind (and body) and he's kinds messing with my mind. Not that I dislike it :)
Keep writing!
6/24/2013 c7 Reservoir
That was goooooood (Its not supposed to sound THAT dirty).
Did I skip reviewing a chapter? I think I did... I'm sorry about that. Ah well. I had kinda hoped it would go all the way, but this one has a really good mini-conclusion so I will be content with that.
YAY! I look forward to more of this story though. Its very promising.
Stay alive!
6/24/2013 c4 Reservoir
I might be dead, but I was laughing.
Poor Francis. I'm either really stupid or really cruel because I am really, REALLY enjoying this.
6/24/2013 c3 Reservoir
This is amazing. Super. Excellent.
"Puppy dog eyes" XD
Now you killed me.
I'm dead.
6/24/2013 c2 Reservoir
Let me tell you, I didn't resist the 'next' button.
My internet stopped working at that moment and that gives me time to review, which is why I am reviewing. Because I swear I could never have resisted that button on my own.

Hell. I can almost become Francis, the way your writing is. And the fact that he keeps shutting down some specific thoughts is very realistic.
Okay, now I can move on to the next chapter.
6/24/2013 c1 Reservoir
The beginning is great. The historical inaccuracy adds to the moment!
6/13/2013 c7 Guest
longer chapters are good !
6/6/2013 c7 Guest
Please continue !
6/5/2013 c7 Guest
6/1/2013 c7 Guest
: )
5/30/2013 c7 LadyDe
The short chapters are unusual but I kinda like it. Interesting story. I like the story line. Poor Francis is fight a losing battle with himself and with Charles. Charles seems to care for Francis but he's a selfish b isn't he? Whether Francis wants to (and he does) or not, Charles is going to have him. I like the POV's. Update soon?
5/16/2013 c7 marginal-utility
Its time to bring out the machinery!
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