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11/7/2014 c2 Faelen
Oh my god, I hadn't realized you wrote from Reese's POV. This is adorable, I hope this and GSM are updated soon!
9/28/2014 c2 fariswheel
4/27/2014 c2 whiteyachts
i'm still reading & still loving anything you write about these two characters. it's just so easy to fall in love with them and anticipate the moment when they'll both finally come together. looking forward to the next GSM chapter or any other snippets you want to share here!
4/26/2014 c2 Love
I just love Reese! Can't wait to read more from his point of view, and I definitely can't wait to see what is going to happen next in GSM because I've missed reading it! :)
4/22/2014 c2 5U MadeMyLifeComplete
I liked this chapter a lot! I do think you should cntinue with this story for now while your work on Gosip, Set, Match. I will wait for Gossip, Set, Match as long as I have to. You're an amazing writer!
Sincerely, Grace
4/21/2014 c2 KB
Aww, I absolutely loved reading this scene from Reeses point of view! So good!
9/30/2013 c1 A Fan
Sooooo any chance of another Reese's Piece in the near future? :P
5/31/2013 c1 U MadeMyLifeComplete
This is awesome but I'm not sure at what point in the story this took place but if you could let me know that would be great. I hope to read more of Gossip, Set, Match soon because I miss it immensely. Anyhow hope to read more from you soon :)
5/29/2013 c1 5Author-K-J-Lee
I'd love to see more of these in Reese's point of view!
4/29/2013 c1 fariswheel
Haha I love the title! And Reese does seem to have a knight-in-shining-armor syndrome
4/29/2013 c1 1Myst C
I Love GSM and I realized I never review anymore.. :c
and I should because your story is so adorable. I love it so much.
I used to go on here to read so many stories, but honestly I don't read on this website anymore except for GSM
.. your story keeps me coming back... and I get excited every time i get that email saying you've updated.
Really... your a great writer.
Oh and I love Reese so much! Ugh. I have such a love for him... it should be wrong.
And this... this little story of Reece's point of view will keep me fan-girling!
4/28/2013 c1 whiteyachts
this was so perfect! i never would have gathered that reese felt he had some sort of connection to mackie, so this really adds an entirely new layer to the story for me knowing that there's been more going on from his standpoint than i intuitively figured out to this point. i love that! i hope there is more where this came from!
4/28/2013 c1 Katie
I absolutely love that you decided to write this! I already love Gossip, Set, and Match so much, so it'll be great to read some things from Reese's perspective. I can't wait to read more! :)

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