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for Tigers Come at Night

5/11/2013 c1 Bhavana
Amazing. Simple amazing.
5/10/2013 c1 4Elastic
Really cool filler story! I like the concept of you going back and kind of filling in the pieces for Ava's story. In a slight tangent, if you don't mind answering, why did Ascension kind of turn from an all-around story, like focusing on Mira, Seth, Paige, Sara, Matt and Jamie, etc etc into basically Mira's story, Ryan's story, and Seth's story? There are still some holes I'd like to be filled within the Matt/Jamie story arch and the Sara/Paige arch, as well.
5/10/2013 c1 Guest
Great! Can't wait to see what happens
5/6/2013 c1 3Sloppy Joe 313
I love it! I think it would be awesome if you continued it!
5/6/2013 c1 3myheart4you
That's awesome how you can write in so many people's perspectives. Seriously, it's so great. You give them each a personality.

I liked seeing Zeke in this chapter. That's so cute that he did that for her. And I imagine more Bridget in Ascension later?

Those pictures are cute. I recognized some of them, haha :p which I guess was your point.
I can imagine what Bridget must be going through. It's probably hard to forget what happened to her in order to actually realize that she had a daughter who needed her.

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