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for An Explanation Long Overdue

5/13/2013 c1 78Elizabeth Clayton
HAHAHA I know you're going through the gutter right now, but I loved every line of this! It made me smile and nod, and think "DEAR GOD I AM NOT ALONE!" there were so many lines... lines i felt my own fingers had rapped out a million times against my own keys in my late night rants posted somewhere on here when I should be doing any thing but... well typing late night rants on here. I loved this! And I love how you wrote it, it still makes me smile.
and ehem Someone is lucky to have you in his life!
5/13/2013 c1 9MagicWords
This was the best rage rant ever! I could feel the desperation and the longing, but also the irritation and something that felt like simmering hatred. Though I doubt you hate this person. This was just great. You are so brave and forward, which are excellent traits in writers. I love how brutally honest you are in this. I especially loved that parts in parenthesis. Excellent!

And thanks for reviewing my story. Read more if you wish :D

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