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9/16/2013 c23 2MC Hollow
I am loving this story so far! It is very well written and I love the characters...keep up the good work!
9/16/2013 c23 9Pantu
Mmm Mmm, lovely lovely sexy writing. It'll be nice to get back to some plot, but I'm also a bit sad to see the end of the glut of lovely smut you've been gifting us with these past few chapters :)
Also, if this was concocted for is post story ending, that means happy ending right :)

Happy writing,
9/16/2013 c22 Pantu
Aw, poor Micheal, I'm lookig forwards to his happy ending more and more, though.
I'm a fan of a bit of filler every now and again, it can get a bit much if it's all muggings and steamy sex so it's nice to step back for a moment or two, and of course lets the characters sort their own feelings out a bit more too, which is nice.

Does your husband read your writing? My BF's concesion to my writing is to name his Warcraft characters after my characters, and request I give them his personality traits, something I find very amusing given he doesn't know half of what I write atm is about gay men ;)

9/16/2013 c21 Pantu
Ooo, wow, great chapter, as I expect by now though :)

I don't know what for, but that's a cheat code, right? I'm such a rubbish gamer, I play world of warcraft, which is like the lazy version of what Fin plays as far as I can tell :)

I don't know if you read manga/yaoi but I read scans by dpscanlations. and this week, one of their birthday covers completly reminded me of Fin and Chance, not in looks so much as concept, if you get a chance DL one of the releases from the 8th September and check it out, the DL are all safe whether you follow the links from Media fire or use the dirrect DL.

9/15/2013 c22 Fart Face
I can't tell you how incredibly jealous I am of you for having a husband who reads your writing. And slash, no less! Awesome guy you've got there. (I'm assuming you're female-maybe I shouldn't) Anyway, i enjoy this story very much and always look forward to updates. I loved Andy's words of wisdom. They're about the hardest thing in the world to follow. I hope Fin does, though.
9/15/2013 c23 lostlamb
YEAH! I've been wanting to see Meghan. What will Dusty think of jittery chance better yet Michael? Totally love this chappy. Can't wait til next.
9/15/2013 c22 pINk aNd GreeN CandyStripE
I luuv it i luuv it! 3
9/15/2013 c22 nffhkasjfnbsdkjb
This was a great chapter! I really enjoyed the interations between their friends- as I've said before, I love the depth you're going into with the other secondary characters- poor Michael, his story seems so sad and Fel and Andy's story was lovely to read, so sweet!

Looking forward to the next!

9/15/2013 c23 8DawnSister
I love this. It's one of those really short, but sweet deleted scenes you get as extras on DVD's. I love watching them and seeing where they fit in. Sometimes we're even lucky enough to be able to watch the movie with the deleted scenes added. I know I'm a nerd. You have just done that with this chapter.

You've given us the deleted scene that wasn't really needed for the final cut but was just too peachy to leave out altogether.

I love it that the soap affected Chance so much. I don't really know if that would actually happen, but I do have a friend who needs to avoid caffeine at all costs because he is a rabid animal on even half a cup of coffee.

They are such opposites aren't they? But they work so well together.

I'm enjoying this story so much,

9/15/2013 c22 lostlamb
This was adorkable. I worry for our Michael though. What is he thinking? i hope for his story soon. Totally loved what Andy did. He's just too cute. Next time for sure!
9/14/2013 c22 Sutekie13
Aww the ending was so cute! "Fin had been on his own for so long that coming home to a home that was lit up, warm, and occupied was an unexpectedly pleasant sensation."
A few years down the road if I ever get to experience that feeling I'm sure I'll think of this story with a smile.

9/14/2013 c22 DawnSister
You say this is not pivotal to the plot but it does scaffold it. It is almost an essential element to cementing their relationship and making it seem more real and believable.
Fin and Chance needed time apart spent with their own circle of friends to realise that the decisions they have made to be with each other are, if scary, at least right for them.
I especially liked that last paragraph about Chance looking right standing in the doorway waiting for Fin. It gave a nice, cosy feel to the chapter and a nice cosy feel to the entire story so far. I'm sure you have some trials ahead for them, but personally I could feel content with this being the ending of the first part. The next chapters would the beginning of the rest of their life and figuring it all out together.

Thanks for the story so far,

9/13/2013 c22 S.H. Marr
And now, I'm going to quote something:

"There you are." Michael said, walking forward and resting his forearms on the banister in a pose echoing Chance's own, their shoulder barely brushing. It wasn't long ago, Chance mused, that he would have hastily pulled away from casual contact like that, but between Dusty, Chance, and of course Fin, he was getting used to it. He even found that these casual gestures of intimacy were...nice. He was finding his responses to unexpected touches more and more relaxed and natural.

I have no idea what this section means. The pronouns, I think. Was Michael or Chance the one afraid of physical contact?

Hmmm. I think I liked Chance's night out better than Fin's. I think this is because D&D sessions just don't translate well into writing. There's a lot missed when the atmosphere is lost, a lot like a fan con. Also, I liked the Chance/Michael moment. And this just makes me want more Michael's story. Is there any chance of that being mentioned in story here, or Fin and Chance popping up in his spin off (I think you were doing one for him, right?). Because I love when that happens.
9/13/2013 c21 Sutekie13
I know I havn't reviewed for the past few chapters but I've been pretty busy lately and havn't been able to read the new chapters as they go up. That being said I am caught up now and I'm looking forward to the next chapters. I'm especially looking forward to when they go to the police station. The mugger knew Fin was gay, and there's definatly more to it than meet the eye.

9/13/2013 c21 nffhkasjfnbsdkjb
Loved the part at the beginning of this chapter with Chance demanding Finn take out his contact lenses- just right :)

Buffy :)

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