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for Her Red Hair

9/3/2013 c3 Quickhidetherum
Noooooo. I was so friggin happy reading this! Especially when Imogen corrected Sam about London being the capital (I'm Scottish and this is the bane of my life) I can't wait for the next part! (Even if the story is being rewritten!)
7/21/2013 c2 Guest
Keep going! I enjoy your story very much
7/21/2013 c2 Headhawk Moth
Well, this chapter can get another review, because I liked it. And yeah.
6/14/2013 c1 Headhawk Moth
Ahoy fellow creator of awesome stories. I am highly intrigued by this mystery of a story you present; it seems quite unlike that of your other works. Yet I remain vigilant in the occurrence future chapters, quite an interesting story indeed :P

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